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Reading Week

Well, it’s reading week – and so far, that is about all I have accomplished – reading. I need to get WRITING!

I have a 20 page psychology paper due by the end of this month. Plus a musical and 3 more major papers all due by Dec. 6 which sounds like it is a very long way away but with the speed that this semester is flying by just isn’t enough time. If that was ALL we had to do that would be one thing – but every class requires weekly readings, presentations, shorter papers, etc, etc.

I am barely keeping up with that day to day stuff right now – if I don’t get a jump on all of it, there’s no way I’ll manage to get everything done by December 6 – at least not well enough to suit me!

So – the plan is to get the psych paper DONE and emailed to the prof so that I don’t have to think about it any more, and to get all of the reading and papers done for the next 2 weeks, and to do as much of the prep work as I can done re: the major papers and the musical (it is well underway, actually, although sans music).

Tomorrow I have to go to Peterborough for the last bit of our TA training – I wouldn’t bother but I need a few more hours to have enough time in to get the certificate for it. And will probably hit Oshawa and deal with kids’ computer issues, briefly. Really not liking my kids much right now; I am so tired of the hysterical phone calls and ongoing stress that they seem determined to cause me. They are both supposedly grown up – but sure can’t tell it by me right now.

I am hoping that they will soon both get jobs – which will reduce their stress AND MINE – and mean that they are both out working rather than at home together fighting. I can dream, can’t  I?

Also, Ross & I are likely going to go to Toronto to see the Art of the Book ’08 show at the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery. I can use that for one of the assignments I need to do for my Public Texts course – and it looks interesting, even though now that I’ve looked at all the thumbnails online, I hardly feel the need to actually GO to it. But it will be good for Ross & I to take some time to go DO something together. 

We did go out yesterday for a bit; to the courthouse in Orillia to ask to have his ticket reduced. That was so stupid! Not the trip to the courthouse – that was very worthwhile – but the ticket itself. In previous years, when the kids were up here more often, we bought their fishing licenses. This year, they were hardly here at all and we just never thought about it. So Thanksgiving Day, we had some time to kill and Ross offered to take the girls fishing out in the boat, just in front of the house. Never even crossed his – or my – mind that they didn’t have licenses this year.

Thanksgiving Day on Georgian Bay Chatting with the OPP

Thanksgiving Day on Georgian Bay Chatting with the OPP

Sure enough, they got caught. Didn’t even get a nibble before the OPP boat was making a beeline for them. Much lecturing and bull**** – and they gave Ross a ticket for having 3 lines in the water (i.e. his own and the 2 girls’). Cheaper than giving each of the kids one – but still …$180 ain’t cheap! The girls got an order to buy their licenses and fax them to the court office, which we did – but the cop also told Ross that once that was done, he could go into the courthouse and plead guilty with explanation and ask to have the fine reduced.

So we did – and the very nice Justice of the Peace accepted “stupidity” as a valid defense and wiped the fine out. So all we ended up paying was the $40 for the useless fishing licenses (they’re only good til the end of ’08). And for the gas and lunch, of course 🙂  But that wasn’t much, since both of us are sick and food doesn’t taste good anyway, so we just went to Harveys.

Well, time I was getting back to work on this essay, I suppose! Lots to say … just having trouble focussing enough to actually WRITE it!


Too weird

Just got to my motel for another week of studiousness… yee haw.

That’s not the weird part though. The weird part is that the motel owners – who have gone above and beyond to keep me happy, including, even, doing major upgrades of their Internet (complete with antenna/repeater on the roof of my room)…. have decided that I am ~special~

Actually, the fact that I even have a room is weird – it’s a motel … I fully expect that I might be assigned a different room at some point … and this is a non-smoking room and I am not a non-smoker … so now that there IS Internet further down the way, I could be in a smoking room. But no, this is the best room (the bathtub works) and it is my room.

So much so that whoever has been using it is going to return to the motel at some point to find that all of his stuff has been packed up and moved for him …. some Mondays I go to visit my kids after class so don’t get here until late afternoon … but since I didn’t do that, they hadn’t got him moved before I got here.

I did tell them that I didn’t mind if they wanted to leave whoever was here and I could take the other room but – now we’re getting to the weird part – apparently, that would break the lucky streak and his wife, who is the superstitious one, would be upset with him. I wonder if the ~special~ orange towel is part of the whole ‘lucky’ thing…she insists on bringing it – usually about an hour after I arrive. I never USE it…but she always brings it.

Apparently it has been decided that I am the source of all of the increased business with which they have ‘been blessed’ since I got here…. every room was filled last night – that never happens on a Sunday night and it is all because I am happy with my room and come every week. Honestly, the guy looked so crestfallen when I told him that next week I would  not come until Tuesday (because  of Thanksgiving) …I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the week after that is reading week and I won’t be here at all!

Geez…. I thought the fact that they spent so much money upgrading their Internet was pressure… now I have to worry about their luck too?

Getting organized

I am actually making progress!

Found a huge binder to use for my readings… so that when I photocopy or print stuff, I have a place to put it so that I will be able to find it again.

Of course, the damn thing is about full and there is still tons more to add to it… but if need be, will get another and split it into 2 … for now, it will do.

In addition to putting everything in alphabetical order, I am adding tabs to each document that give the author name and the date/course it’s for…

A lot of the stuff I need to photocopy is in folders in the grad office at school – I keep getting caught without the reading I need when I read it…so now, I figure I can spend an hour or two at the photocopier tomorrow…copy everything I haven’t yet done, label it and put it in the right section… and then each week it will simply be a matter of pulling out the readings for that week and putting those into the specific course binder.

Would rather spend a couple of hours getting it all sorted and having it all organized than continuing to be so stressed looking for things I KNOW I copied already but can’t *^%&%$& FIND! when I need them. At least that is the plan.

And at the end of it all I’ll have a resource that I can use again, right?

For the Law & Moral Regulation readings, I figure I will print out my notes and file them with the article… should make it easier to use them if I need them later.

Just got to stay on top of it all and it should work.

I hope!

Making Progress

Found my motel key… this is good. Really should put a clippy thing on my keychain so that I can just clip it on when I find it. Also managed to get my camera mailed off to be repaired this week. Also good.

Just finished one of the 2 papers I need to finish today; both due tomorrow. Spent WAY too long on the one for Law & Moral Regulation – it’s only 3 pages…  finding this weekly paper to be a HUGE pain in my arse…. I have become quite skilled at sitting down and writing a damn paper – sometimes all in one sitting even … but a key component of that is that I have to have think time before I get to that point.

With my bigger papers – that it does often look like I do in a day or two … there is a whole lot of prepatory work that happens … I decide on a topic… read a bunch of stuff related to my topic….do some mind mapping in Inspiration until I come up with a basic outline/thesis … then do nothing… for days…sometimes weeks. Nothing visible, that is… in the meantime the wheels in my brain are turning, and things eventually start to gel. And THEN I sit down and write the damned paper.

This weekly paper thing sucks! During the week I have way too much reading/writing/attending classes/teaching/driving/etc … to do to allow for much in the way of mulling and gelling… basically, I need to be able to sit down, read the 100 + pages of academic journal and write a cohesive 3 page paper. It is a lot harder than it sounds! And it just doesn’t fit with the way I work.

Anyway … done for another week… and the other one that I need to do today is relatively small … it too is only 3 pages or so …but it’s just a write up of last week’s class … a lot easier than trying to do anything cohesive with 100+ pages of text by multiple authors. Will get that done and then, I think, I shall have to go in search of food.

It is pouring rain…this is good … the noisy whiny obnoxious football players have taken shelter somewhere and shut the hell up for the moment.

This is the first week that I have had to deal with noisy, whiny, obnoxious people at the motel where I stay. Can’t say I appreciate their presence much.

I wouldn’t mind the football and the silliness – but there is one guy among them that seems to think that whining – very loudly – like an exagerated Steve Erkhart or something – is funny. “I don’t wanna!!!”  Etc. etc. It is not funny. It is obnoxious. His friends should have made that clear to him long before now.

Well damn…. just flipped through my clipboard looking for my notes re: the class I have to write up…guess what I can’t find! Bluddy hell! Oh well… maybe when I get off my arse to go look for them I will get lucky and also find the missing reading that I need for this afternoon’s class. I KNOW I photocopied it! It has to be somewhere.

Motel man (owner) needs to go make his phone calls somewhere else. He is standing directly outside my door. WHY is he standing directly outside MY door!? He has an office! 

Finally. He’s gone… found notes for paper (but not reading for class…will have to go in early to read that)… can get ‘er done and go get food. I am hungry… do have a carton of soup I could heat up, but the only mug/cup i have with me is a stainless steel travel mug. Don’t think that is meant to go in the microwave. Poor planning!

flitting again

Working on psychology paper today… or not, as you can no doubt tell.

Actually, I am making some progress on it…but I’m distracted.

There are so many things I HAVE to get done this weekend:

  • readings for classes (about 600 pages worth for five classes – yes, that is only one week’s worth)
  • papers/proposals – two for Textual Transmissions, one for fiction/nonfiction, one for Law & Moral Regulation in Neoliberal times (although two would be better)
  • package my camera for mailing back to Kodak for repair
  • get letter for Nor-Don finished, printed and ready for mailing to multiple recipients (that I still need to research/find)
  • finish SSHRC application (OGS is basically done – do need to print it and throw it in an envelope to drop into the Graduate Studies office though)
  • laundry and other assorted organizing and being ready to go back to school on Monday jobs… this week is likely to SUCK…can’t forget anything cuz I can’t come home on Thursday 😦 Got a field trip to a synagogue to look at a scroll. *sigh*  Field trip will be interesting …but I really hate being away from Ross for soooooooooooooooooooooooooo long 😦

And so many things I would rather be doing

  • going to Walmart to get Ross’ prescription filled and a new toaster, and me, my juice and a new puzzle that will fit on my puzzle table (I finished my hot air balloons – 2 pieces missing this time … they’re probably under the couch but too lazy to look; the only puzzle I have left is too big for the table so I need a new one)
  • working on Amanda’s story … it’s almost done and I want to finish it
  • finding something to submit to CBC Radio’s literary competition …damn … forgot about that… need to recheck date on that! Hope I haven’t missed it…. nope…November 1. Yay me… now to figure out what to enter and actually DO IT.
  • playing with my new Blackberry Curve and figuring out how to use the GPS and stuff… almost wishing I’d gone with the Palm Centrino though – I liked their datebook/organiser a lot better. The Blackberry one doesn’t seem to have a desktop match .. just uses Outlook or Lotus or whatever. hmmm… maybe I should go look for my Lotus disk…I liked it a lot better than Outlook…that could work… or maybe can find it online for download …
  • blogging and entrecarding… would be doing the entrecard thing for my two Today blogs but it doesn’t seem to be working very well today, and I’m getting frustrated…. it is taking WAY too long for the drop bit of the cards to load… don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s a problem at their end.
  • Gathering …well… had wanted to, anyway … got irked when the gremlins stole my article again …which is why I’m going on here rather than there, of course. *sigh*   Oh well! Gather really just is not the same any more anyway …. aside from some good friends/connections (and far less o’ those than I once thought I had, even), there really isn’t much point to going back there. Alexa seems to think so too … stats are continuing to fall …3 months change: reach -25%; traffic rank – 3076; page views -14% … even with the photo promo! You’d think they’d figure out that they screwed up and fix it, but doesn’t seem like they care. Seems like they’re determined to head the way of the now defunct Boomertowne …too bad; they had a good thing going.

Anyway… Gather depresses me. Time I was getting back to work, I think!

just flitting (way more than you ever wanted to know) – crossposted from Gather

I am in the middle of doing some homework… preparing notes for a seminar I am giving tomorrow….  and then moving onto doing some work on my psychology paper… but in between points, have been catching up some on Gather

Strikes me as funny that even though I am here much, much less these days, I miss it so little. Not that I don’t miss some of my Gather friends … but beyond that, it really doesn’t much bother me not to be posting here…. nor do most people notice/care whether I’m around or not.

When I do pop in to read, it doesn’t take very much time at all either… what’s happened to all the content? Nothing against anyone still posting on Gather… but it sure doesn’t take long for me to whip through new posts and decide that my time would be better spent dropping Entrecards to promote my blogs instead. At least at they actually value my work enough to pay me for it even if I am – gasp – Canadian! There are an awful lot of interesting blogs out there, also … it’s pretty easy to find things I want to read and comment on as I do my card-dropping.

Oh well… if nothing else, I’m thinking that I might well be able to use the ICING of Gather as the subject of one of my papers for one of my courses …. it might be an interesting study in the topic of public texts. Will have to think on that some more.

Anyway… for those who are interested (but not quite interested enough to visit any of my blogs)…school is going great so far; it’s a lot of reading/writing/talking – but it is challenging and fun and I am up for the challenges – at least so far.

I DO miss Ross (and Scrooge) bunches when I’m in Peterborough … Ross is still working quite a bit even though it is supposed to be winding down now. I really only have to be away Monday to Wednesday – but because of a Friday a.m. meeting, I either have to stay over 2 more days ($80 in motel cost) or make the commute a second time ($40 in gas plus 5 – 6 hours of aggravation). So far I’m doing the latter – but once the snow flies, will likely opt for staying there (and pouting).  Am working on sorting out a way to be able to listen to some of my required readings while I drive – that would make the time not feel so wasted.

Being a TA is going to be great, I think – I really love that it is small groups and only for an hour a week – long enough to have really good discussions about the literature we’re covering, but not SO long that I have to work to provide tons of content to keep them going.

I’m really excited about most of my courses…

fiction/nonfiction isn’t AS good as I was hoping for – but it’s early days yet. Only had one class so far; I’m very interested in the topic – in fact, explored it some already while writing my Margaret Laurence paper – but didn’t get good vibes from first class – hopefully that will change.

The one I was least enthusiastic about taking is Textual Transmissions, and it is shaping up to be truly interesting and exciting! The prof for that one says we all know how to research and write papers already, or we wouldn’t be this far in our academic careers – so the course is less about writing papers and more about participation. And for the one big written assignment we have a choice – could do a research paper – or, I can write a screenplay for a musical horror (Sweeney Todd, Cabaret, 3 Penny Opera, Rocky Horror Picture Show – that type of thing). Is that not COOL? I have never tried writing a play or a screenplay …but I am excited about it. And because Ross has a background in theatre, as well as a true interest in movies and all that crap I don’t really care about, he is enthusiastic about it as well… it is something we can work on together (with prof’s full knowledge, of course; already covered – and he’s invited him to come to class as well, which is cool).  The goal is to take an urban myth/legend – like Sweeney Todd is based on – and turn it into a campy horror …I think I – we – can do that ….thinking to go with an urban  legend of the sort one finds on Snopes – organ stealing, most likely… i.e. tourists waking up sans kidneys. It’s going to be fun.

My third elective is Law and Moral Regulation in NeoLiberal Times and that one is offered through the Canadian Studies program rather than the English M.A. program. It is a LOT of work – tons of reading each week, write a paper about the readings every week, plus a major paper, and an oral exam at the end! Oy vey!!!!   But it is very interesting stuff and so far, anyway, is providing me with a whole lot of theory and language that speaks to issues I care deeply about. I don’t know that I can explain it well enough … but it takes things that I feel about how society treats people and gives me the academic framework to actually understand and explain those feelings.

Then I have my 2 required courses. The main one in Public Texts is a tad intimidating at the moment – I don’t have a clue where to start re: the assignments or major paper we are to do – but I keep telling myself that I’m in it to learn – it is not expected that we come knowing all this stuff already, right? I’m hoping that it will become less intimidating at some point and I will feel ready to tackle some of the assignments… there are a lot of possible activities – we only need to do two of them (although in true keener fashion, I’m thinking to at least try most/all of them – then hand in the 2 I am most happy with). Can’t hurt, right?

The other course is divided between the research project component in which we discuss our research projects and get/give feedback re: our proposals. We met for the first time last week – I think it is going to be both very helpful, and also very interesting. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my first draft re: my research plan was well received – or that we spent more time in a bar (where the prof paid for our drinks, even) than in the classroom.  The colloquium component of the course hasn’t met yet, but my understanding is that mostly, it involves guest speakers coming in to speak to us about various aspects of public texts and publishing. No idea if we have to write papers or whatever for it …but wouldn’t surprise me any 🙂

Anyway …Ross’ daughter just called and invited us down to their new place for dinner… so I’d best get my rear in gear and get my seminar notes for tomorrow finished. Sure wish my camera wasn’t broked! Might have to dig out my old one so that I can take pictures of the babies. Kodak customer support sucks, I am finding. Should have researched that before I bought yet another Kodak, I guess… both the camera’s I bought for the kids are Kodaks…and so are both of mine… would have been good to know before we had paid for so many. Of course it would be the most expensive of the 4 that is buggered 😦    I’ve broken my Palm LifeDrive too …. the first week of school was VERY expensive! No idea how/where to get that fixed… guess I should find out.


My horoscope is lying to me today!

It says:

Although today may be a day of rest and relaxation, you can still gain respect in the eyes of your friends and family. You seem to be able to do the right thing, thereby elevating your status in your community. You are happy to enjoy the company of others, but you have serious goals on your mind and should pay attention to any interactions that could move you closer to your destination.

Rest and relaxation HA!!!!   I wish.

Am being frustrated by one thing after another today… I guess that’s why it included the key word MAY.

Been trying to update my Palm Lifedrive as I figure since I have it, t’would be a good thing to use to at least try to start off with some semblance of organization.

Downloaded software from the Palm site for my new laptop – but realized that the software from there was incomplete – only gives me the Desktop application – NOT the LifeDrive Manager app.

Without that, can’t move files back and forth – so can’t use Word/Excel files… well, I could.. but if I can’t sync them between the computer and the LifeDrive, what good are they?

So – spent way too long looking for that software to download – preferable to looking for the installation disk that is around here ‘somewhere’.

No luck … eventually gave up in frustration and went hunting for the disk – found everything else that came with the Palm in an organized stack all in one file folder in my desk – including a number of disks, even – but not the main one. Of course not.

Went through stacks and stacks of disks on spindles – eventually did find the original disk.

Should be smooth sailing, now, right?

Yeah.. .right.

Tried to install it. 4x now.

Errors, errors and more errors.

We are NOT amused!

School starts tomorrow.

Will need to get photo taken for my new Trent student card – sure hope not right away …got a huge ugly cold sore … stress, perhaps?

Who me? Stressed? Nah… never happen!

More Friday flitting


I want my refund back!!!!

I want my refund back!!!!

Good: brown envelope from Revenue Canada in the mail today.

Since they owe me almost $1,000 because they sent it to the totally incompetent and lacking in ethics, morals, or intelligence people at Nordon Collections. The totally incompetent people at Nordon know that I owe them NOT ONE BLASTED CENT and that they are REQUIRED to send it back so that it can then be processed again and sent on to me – but hey… if they were totally incompetent at collections – even when I was begging to be ALLOWED to pay them (money I should never have owed and would not have owed had it not been for other incompetents at OSAP)  – why would anyone think they’d be in any hurry to return my money? 

Bad: of course, it was not my cheque. It was a notice that I’ve been pulled for a random audit. Funny, it don’t feel random.

Good: the only deductions I claim are for tuition & educational expenses – so the audit should be fairly easy. Our accountant is away, or I’d have him deal with them – but it should be fairly straightforward, anyway.

Bad: Because I never do things the normal way, it’s not just a matter of pulling one tuition receipt – there are three (Laurentian @ Barrie, Laurentian @ Sudbury, & Athabasca U.) Sue & Ross were giving me a hard time suggesting that I would have trouble going through all my  papers and finding all the receipts.

Good: HA! While that WOULD be true if any of them where paper – they’re all done electronically now…so ain’t no paper required…. got them all in pdfs on my computer. I admittedly SUCK at paper …but I am pretty darn skilled at computers & I have them all. Aren’t I a clever birdie?

Bad: Did I mention that I want my cheque? I do! I do! I do want my money! *POUT*

Fiction & Social Intelligence

Too exciting!  I was reading my Sunday paper yesterday morning and came across an article about some research being done at University of Toronto.  It is being led by Dr. Keith Oatley, a psychologist at the U of Toronto – one of the schools that accepted me into their MA program, but not, of course, the one I accepted.

That’s is not the exciting part – that’s rather a drag –  I have no doubt that Trent is the right place for me … but had I run across Dr. Oatley’s work sooner…

Anyway …. the article in the paper was about reading fiction & social intelligence; i.e. that “reading fiction appears to stimulate parts of the brain that govern empathy” so, as the headline says Read Fiction, Be Smarter. Since then, I’ve been through a whole bunch of online journals and found a whole lot of Oatley’s articles…I can’t wait to read them all more thoroughly – but certainly what I’ve skimmed so far is fascinating stuff that relates closely with my research interests.

I am going to get kid to print out the articles for me today while I’m at the college (teaching) … easier to read them on paper than on screen …   Hopefully find a clear topic to explore further for MY psychology paper (want to get it done this week) …and also, once I’ve read it all, will email him… hopefully make a connection there. Part of what I need to do in gearing up to apply for PhD programs is to further gel my directions – and to make connections with people with similar interests… can’t hurt to try, right?

Just Stuff


I am finding it much harder to stay connected around Gather…. really not liking this Hawthorne thing even one tiny bit better than I did when they dumped it on us. HAWTHORNE SUCKS 😦  Doesn’t even matter that I have found ways to work around it and so on for the most part – unless & until everyone does the same, what difference does it make?

Gather is so much less fun now… it makes me sad.


I caved and am doing the drive 80+ km every blasted day for 3 hours of (half-the-pay) work 4 days a week right now. I really did want to tell them what to do with some of the courses … (not the Communications one – I’m THRILLED about that one)….. but with paying off the OSAP loan in one big chunk like that, our line of credit is up higher than I can cope with, and I want to contribute to paying it down as much as possible so that we’ll have a bit more flexibility around the move to Peterborough thing. And while Tamara got a great placement at Durham, and is going to be graduating at the end of it – it is an UNpaid placement…. and even though she isn’t asking me for money, I do try to help both kids out some….   turning down the extra money just didn’t seem reasonable.

Oh, and about that huge payment re: OSAP, it still has not, apparently, gone through, and that person at Nor-den took the confirmation number when I talked to her on Monday and promised to find out what’s up with it and call me back yesterday – and didn’t….  and today, can’t get through again and it is IRKING ME BIG TIME right now. I hate waiting for other people.

*Update – it has been received and the necessary letter is on its way to stop #1 (with a copy to me)

Teaching is going well so far…. I’ve taught Microcomputer Applications so many times that it really involves very little prep/work on my part…but this semester, because I have so much more time to DO it, I’m already doing some things differently. I always do an All About Me powerpoint with them the first week… but this time, I took in my camera and got pictures of everyone that was willing …. they included them in their powerpoints, so I can go through them all again before next class and hopefully do a much better job of learning their names quickly – at least that is the plan.  I also took the time to upload a ton of resources for each of the programs we cover for them – something I’ve never done before. Don’t know if they will find them useful – but they are there…and I have the tracking set, so I will know how much they actually use them…so we shall see.


I’ve signed up for my next course – am doing one which won’t count much if at all, but which will support my next round of applications, for a Phd program and for scholarships for that…. all of which has to be done early next semester.  I’m taking Adolescent Psychology through Athabasca U – so another correspondence course. It’s an undergraduate level course – but I’m also looking at the possibility of – once that is done – seeing if I can take some of their graduate level courses …. working towards an MA in psychology to go along with my eventual grad level degree(s) in English. I don’t know that I will have much time to do that while I’m in school – but if I can plug away at one course at a time during the less busy times, it might be worth it.

And my final marks for this semester showed up …. along with my 90 for the Honours essay, I got a 94 in Theory & Criticism (the other 4th year course). My history marks are a bit lower than I expected, given the marks I got all the way through, but are respectable A’s as well, at 85 and 87. Am tempted to ask to see my graded exams, just because….  but probably not worth the hassle – and that particular prof takes weeks to answer a simple email… by the time she got back to me, I’m sure I will be over it 🙂

Married life

I’m loving it 🙂

Honestly, given that we’ve been together so long, I didn’t expect there to be much of a difference… but there is….  I don’t know that I can ‘splain it … but for me, there has always been a knowing… somewhere … that he didn’t really trust me … or believe that I was different from ‘them’ ….and it hurt…. That he finally got past it and made the commitment to me ….publicly – and that he is happy about it, and likes to call me his wife – regularly 🙂 – that matters.


They continue…although these days, it’s not really stuff that is good for photo essays… mostly he’s been under the house, jacking up the floors and trying to make them level. Once that’s done, the plan is to do the trim…. and then we’ll move curtains and so on. We’re also making some headway at getting the garage, bedroom and hall (the places we put all the junk so that it wouldn’t be visible for the wedding) sorted out …. well, he is, mostly


The one problem with having things so much nicer around here is that we are both becoming increasingly resistant to the thought of actually moving to Peterborough. We don’t WANT TO move – we likes our house…and our dog.

Most rentals want a one year lease – and no pets. That doesn’t work for us.

We could buy – but we already don’t like where our debt is now – so really, we aren’t that enthusiastic about the thought. If we sold John St…. the house we don’t live in now… maybe… but it, while it has good tenants, at least, is more than paying for itself…. so….

We could commute – he says…. he would drive me and just hang around while I’m in class (we are clear that it wouldn’t work to have ME drive it all the time). A lot depends on the schedule …which I don’t have and won’t have until who knows when…. but… it could work, I suppose ….. when you figure how much it would cost to rent a place and pay for cable, internet etc… especially if we were keeping all that here …and we’d pretty much have to if we were coming home every weekend … it might be cheaper, even.

But it would make it a lot harder to be part of the whole university culture… and it would suck to go to a U in part because it has such an excellent Writer in Residence and creative writing program and not be there enough to really take part in it….. but then, if the MA program is as heavy as the co-ordinator and Melinda, among others, have suggested…am I really going to have the time & energy for that stuff anyway….?

Anyway… at this point, we don’t know what we’re going to do … and some of it will depend on what happens re: Ross & work. He got a call on Sunday asking whether he’d be interested in a full time job with the concrete co. he did some work for last year…. would possibly even come with a truck… if that comes through…. we’ll have to see what happens.


I REALLY want to get moving and doing some writing this summer. I have a novel to finish, and another book (creative non-fiction) that I need to finish if I’m going to. I also want to get back to writing (and submitting) short stories and so on.

And I want to write a paper for next year’s Human Condition conference – I figure that it would be best to get it done this summer, since I’ll have enough to do once I’m in grad school full time.  Oh, and I have a ton of academic reading to get through in preparation for my MA MRP (Major Research Paper) …. I don’t HAVE to get that all done ahead of time …but life will be so much easier if….

I have a decision to make. I have been toying with the idea of starting a writer’s club/workshop at school over the summer…. ~god~ supports the idea… I know there are other students who would participate..  and I would set it up so that it would be after one of the classes I’m teaching already … so that it wouldn’t involve another stinking drive.  It is something I have wanted to do …and would look good on my resume (since I want to teach creative writing someday) …and maybe it would provide me with the sort of deadlines and due dates I need to actually finish things sometimes….

or it could eat up time I could/should be spending focusing on my own writing rather than on other people’s.