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Too weird

Just got to my motel for another week of studiousness… yee haw.

That’s not the weird part though. The weird part is that the motel owners – who have gone above and beyond to keep me happy, including, even, doing major upgrades of their Internet (complete with antenna/repeater on the roof of my room)…. have decided that I am ~special~

Actually, the fact that I even have a room is weird – it’s a motel … I fully expect that I might be assigned a different room at some point … and this is a non-smoking room and I am not a non-smoker … so now that there IS Internet further down the way, I could be in a smoking room. But no, this is the best room (the bathtub works) and it is my room.

So much so that whoever has been using it is going to return to the motel at some point to find that all of his stuff has been packed up and moved for him …. some Mondays I go to visit my kids after class so don’t get here until late afternoon … but since I didn’t do that, they hadn’t got him moved before I got here.

I did tell them that I didn’t mind if they wanted to leave whoever was here and I could take the other room but – now we’re getting to the weird part – apparently, that would break the lucky streak and his wife, who is the superstitious one, would be upset with him. I wonder if the ~special~ orange towel is part of the whole ‘lucky’ thing…she insists on bringing it – usually about an hour after I arrive. I never USE it…but she always brings it.

Apparently it has been decided that I am the source of all of the increased business with which they have ‘been blessed’ since I got here…. every room was filled last night – that never happens on a Sunday night and it is all because I am happy with my room and come every week. Honestly, the guy looked so crestfallen when I told him that next week I would  not come until Tuesday (because  of Thanksgiving) …I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the week after that is reading week and I won’t be here at all!

Geez…. I thought the fact that they spent so much money upgrading their Internet was pressure… now I have to worry about their luck too?