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A very good day

Not one but BOTH of my kids had interviews today – and not only that, but both of them had JOBS by the end of their interview.

Tamara’s going to be working at a Subway while she keeps applying to PR jobs.

And Jess starts at a day care on Monday for a trial period. Even better, it is within walking distance. A long walk by my standards – about 45 minutes – but she used to walk quite a bit longer than that when she was going to school …so it will work for her.

I am SO relieved.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there was more good news too – my camera came back from Kodak’s repair centre. Well, not MY camera – but a replacement one, anyway.

So when Ross & I went to the Art of the Book show in Toronto, I was able to take my own pictures.

Really enjoyed it – I’m glad we went. Stopped at the Market Buffet in Barrie for dinner – ate WAY too much.


just flitting (way more than you ever wanted to know) – crossposted from Gather

I am in the middle of doing some homework… preparing notes for a seminar I am giving tomorrow….  and then moving onto doing some work on my psychology paper… but in between points, have been catching up some on Gather

Strikes me as funny that even though I am here much, much less these days, I miss it so little. Not that I don’t miss some of my Gather friends … but beyond that, it really doesn’t much bother me not to be posting here…. nor do most people notice/care whether I’m around or not.

When I do pop in to read, it doesn’t take very much time at all either… what’s happened to all the content? Nothing against anyone still posting on Gather… but it sure doesn’t take long for me to whip through new posts and decide that my time would be better spent dropping Entrecards to promote my blogs instead. At least at they actually value my work enough to pay me for it even if I am – gasp – Canadian! There are an awful lot of interesting blogs out there, also … it’s pretty easy to find things I want to read and comment on as I do my card-dropping.

Oh well… if nothing else, I’m thinking that I might well be able to use the ICING of Gather as the subject of one of my papers for one of my courses …. it might be an interesting study in the topic of public texts. Will have to think on that some more.

Anyway… for those who are interested (but not quite interested enough to visit any of my blogs)…school is going great so far; it’s a lot of reading/writing/talking – but it is challenging and fun and I am up for the challenges – at least so far.

I DO miss Ross (and Scrooge) bunches when I’m in Peterborough … Ross is still working quite a bit even though it is supposed to be winding down now. I really only have to be away Monday to Wednesday – but because of a Friday a.m. meeting, I either have to stay over 2 more days ($80 in motel cost) or make the commute a second time ($40 in gas plus 5 – 6 hours of aggravation). So far I’m doing the latter – but once the snow flies, will likely opt for staying there (and pouting).  Am working on sorting out a way to be able to listen to some of my required readings while I drive – that would make the time not feel so wasted.

Being a TA is going to be great, I think – I really love that it is small groups and only for an hour a week – long enough to have really good discussions about the literature we’re covering, but not SO long that I have to work to provide tons of content to keep them going.

I’m really excited about most of my courses…

fiction/nonfiction isn’t AS good as I was hoping for – but it’s early days yet. Only had one class so far; I’m very interested in the topic – in fact, explored it some already while writing my Margaret Laurence paper – but didn’t get good vibes from first class – hopefully that will change.

The one I was least enthusiastic about taking is Textual Transmissions, and it is shaping up to be truly interesting and exciting! The prof for that one says we all know how to research and write papers already, or we wouldn’t be this far in our academic careers – so the course is less about writing papers and more about participation. And for the one big written assignment we have a choice – could do a research paper – or, I can write a screenplay for a musical horror (Sweeney Todd, Cabaret, 3 Penny Opera, Rocky Horror Picture Show – that type of thing). Is that not COOL? I have never tried writing a play or a screenplay …but I am excited about it. And because Ross has a background in theatre, as well as a true interest in movies and all that crap I don’t really care about, he is enthusiastic about it as well… it is something we can work on together (with prof’s full knowledge, of course; already covered – and he’s invited him to come to class as well, which is cool).  The goal is to take an urban myth/legend – like Sweeney Todd is based on – and turn it into a campy horror …I think I – we – can do that ….thinking to go with an urban  legend of the sort one finds on Snopes – organ stealing, most likely… i.e. tourists waking up sans kidneys. It’s going to be fun.

My third elective is Law and Moral Regulation in NeoLiberal Times and that one is offered through the Canadian Studies program rather than the English M.A. program. It is a LOT of work – tons of reading each week, write a paper about the readings every week, plus a major paper, and an oral exam at the end! Oy vey!!!!   But it is very interesting stuff and so far, anyway, is providing me with a whole lot of theory and language that speaks to issues I care deeply about. I don’t know that I can explain it well enough … but it takes things that I feel about how society treats people and gives me the academic framework to actually understand and explain those feelings.

Then I have my 2 required courses. The main one in Public Texts is a tad intimidating at the moment – I don’t have a clue where to start re: the assignments or major paper we are to do – but I keep telling myself that I’m in it to learn – it is not expected that we come knowing all this stuff already, right? I’m hoping that it will become less intimidating at some point and I will feel ready to tackle some of the assignments… there are a lot of possible activities – we only need to do two of them (although in true keener fashion, I’m thinking to at least try most/all of them – then hand in the 2 I am most happy with). Can’t hurt, right?

The other course is divided between the research project component in which we discuss our research projects and get/give feedback re: our proposals. We met for the first time last week – I think it is going to be both very helpful, and also very interesting. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my first draft re: my research plan was well received – or that we spent more time in a bar (where the prof paid for our drinks, even) than in the classroom.  The colloquium component of the course hasn’t met yet, but my understanding is that mostly, it involves guest speakers coming in to speak to us about various aspects of public texts and publishing. No idea if we have to write papers or whatever for it …but wouldn’t surprise me any 🙂

Anyway …Ross’ daughter just called and invited us down to their new place for dinner… so I’d best get my rear in gear and get my seminar notes for tomorrow finished. Sure wish my camera wasn’t broked! Might have to dig out my old one so that I can take pictures of the babies. Kodak customer support sucks, I am finding. Should have researched that before I bought yet another Kodak, I guess… both the camera’s I bought for the kids are Kodaks…and so are both of mine… would have been good to know before we had paid for so many. Of course it would be the most expensive of the 4 that is buggered 😦    I’ve broken my Palm LifeDrive too …. the first week of school was VERY expensive! No idea how/where to get that fixed… guess I should find out.