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Making Progress

Found my motel key… this is good. Really should put a clippy thing on my keychain so that I can just clip it on when I find it. Also managed to get my camera mailed off to be repaired this week. Also good.

Just finished one of the 2 papers I need to finish today; both due tomorrow. Spent WAY too long on the one for Law & Moral Regulation – it’s only 3 pages…  finding this weekly paper to be a HUGE pain in my arse…. I have become quite skilled at sitting down and writing a damn paper – sometimes all in one sitting even … but a key component of that is that I have to have think time before I get to that point.

With my bigger papers – that it does often look like I do in a day or two … there is a whole lot of prepatory work that happens … I decide on a topic… read a bunch of stuff related to my topic….do some mind mapping in Inspiration until I come up with a basic outline/thesis … then do nothing… for days…sometimes weeks. Nothing visible, that is… in the meantime the wheels in my brain are turning, and things eventually start to gel. And THEN I sit down and write the damned paper.

This weekly paper thing sucks! During the week I have way too much reading/writing/attending classes/teaching/driving/etc … to do to allow for much in the way of mulling and gelling… basically, I need to be able to sit down, read the 100 + pages of academic journal and write a cohesive 3 page paper. It is a lot harder than it sounds! And it just doesn’t fit with the way I work.

Anyway … done for another week… and the other one that I need to do today is relatively small … it too is only 3 pages or so …but it’s just a write up of last week’s class … a lot easier than trying to do anything cohesive with 100+ pages of text by multiple authors. Will get that done and then, I think, I shall have to go in search of food.

It is pouring rain…this is good … the noisy whiny obnoxious football players have taken shelter somewhere and shut the hell up for the moment.

This is the first week that I have had to deal with noisy, whiny, obnoxious people at the motel where I stay. Can’t say I appreciate their presence much.

I wouldn’t mind the football and the silliness – but there is one guy among them that seems to think that whining – very loudly – like an exagerated Steve Erkhart or something – is funny. “I don’t wanna!!!”  Etc. etc. It is not funny. It is obnoxious. His friends should have made that clear to him long before now.

Well damn…. just flipped through my clipboard looking for my notes re: the class I have to write up…guess what I can’t find! Bluddy hell! Oh well… maybe when I get off my arse to go look for them I will get lucky and also find the missing reading that I need for this afternoon’s class. I KNOW I photocopied it! It has to be somewhere.

Motel man (owner) needs to go make his phone calls somewhere else. He is standing directly outside my door. WHY is he standing directly outside MY door!? He has an office! 

Finally. He’s gone… found notes for paper (but not reading for class…will have to go in early to read that)… can get ‘er done and go get food. I am hungry… do have a carton of soup I could heat up, but the only mug/cup i have with me is a stainless steel travel mug. Don’t think that is meant to go in the microwave. Poor planning!