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A very good day

Not one but BOTH of my kids had interviews today – and not only that, but both of them had JOBS by the end of their interview.

Tamara’s going to be working at a Subway while she keeps applying to PR jobs.

And Jess starts at a day care on Monday for a trial period. Even better, it is within walking distance. A long walk by my standards – about 45 minutes – but she used to walk quite a bit longer than that when she was going to school …so it will work for her.

I am SO relieved.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there was more good news too – my camera came back from Kodak’s repair centre. Well, not MY camera – but a replacement one, anyway.

So when Ross & I went to the Art of the Book show in Toronto, I was able to take my own pictures.

Really enjoyed it – I’m glad we went. Stopped at the Market Buffet in Barrie for dinner – ate WAY too much.