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Reading Week

Well, it’s reading week – and so far, that is about all I have accomplished – reading. I need to get WRITING!

I have a 20 page psychology paper due by the end of this month. Plus a musical and 3 more major papers all due by Dec. 6 which sounds like it is a very long way away but with the speed that this semester is flying by just isn’t enough time. If that was ALL we had to do that would be one thing – but every class requires weekly readings, presentations, shorter papers, etc, etc.

I am barely keeping up with that day to day stuff right now – if I don’t get a jump on all of it, there’s no way I’ll manage to get everything done by December 6 – at least not well enough to suit me!

So – the plan is to get the psych paper DONE and emailed to the prof so that I don’t have to think about it any more, and to get all of the reading and papers done for the next 2 weeks, and to do as much of the prep work as I can done re: the major papers and the musical (it is well underway, actually, although sans music).

Tomorrow I have to go to Peterborough for the last bit of our TA training – I wouldn’t bother but I need a few more hours to have enough time in to get the certificate for it. And will probably hit Oshawa and deal with kids’ computer issues, briefly. Really not liking my kids much right now; I am so tired of the hysterical phone calls and ongoing stress that they seem determined to cause me. They are both supposedly grown up – but sure can’t tell it by me right now.

I am hoping that they will soon both get jobs – which will reduce their stress AND MINE – and mean that they are both out working rather than at home together fighting. I can dream, can’t  I?

Also, Ross & I are likely going to go to Toronto to see the Art of the Book ’08 show at the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery. I can use that for one of the assignments I need to do for my Public Texts course – and it looks interesting, even though now that I’ve looked at all the thumbnails online, I hardly feel the need to actually GO to it. But it will be good for Ross & I to take some time to go DO something together. 

We did go out yesterday for a bit; to the courthouse in Orillia to ask to have his ticket reduced. That was so stupid! Not the trip to the courthouse – that was very worthwhile – but the ticket itself. In previous years, when the kids were up here more often, we bought their fishing licenses. This year, they were hardly here at all and we just never thought about it. So Thanksgiving Day, we had some time to kill and Ross offered to take the girls fishing out in the boat, just in front of the house. Never even crossed his – or my – mind that they didn’t have licenses this year.

Thanksgiving Day on Georgian Bay Chatting with the OPP

Thanksgiving Day on Georgian Bay Chatting with the OPP

Sure enough, they got caught. Didn’t even get a nibble before the OPP boat was making a beeline for them. Much lecturing and bull**** – and they gave Ross a ticket for having 3 lines in the water (i.e. his own and the 2 girls’). Cheaper than giving each of the kids one – but still …$180 ain’t cheap! The girls got an order to buy their licenses and fax them to the court office, which we did – but the cop also told Ross that once that was done, he could go into the courthouse and plead guilty with explanation and ask to have the fine reduced.

So we did – and the very nice Justice of the Peace accepted “stupidity” as a valid defense and wiped the fine out. So all we ended up paying was the $40 for the useless fishing licenses (they’re only good til the end of ’08). And for the gas and lunch, of course 🙂  But that wasn’t much, since both of us are sick and food doesn’t taste good anyway, so we just went to Harveys.

Well, time I was getting back to work on this essay, I suppose! Lots to say … just having trouble focussing enough to actually WRITE it!