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An Update

Geez, time flies when you are having fun!

Also when you’re not.

Since I last updated this blog, I’ve managed to faint while driving, smash my car (and my pretty purple Dell laptop) to bits, and lose my license.

Still managed to get through school though – my full time MA program, plus an additional course through Athabasca U – and teaching 3 sections of relational database as well. None of which I could have done without hubby being SO incredibly supportive.

He drives me to wherever I need to go and does a whole lot of sitting around waiting for me.

I am very lucky.

In other news, I was accepted into Trent’s Phd in Canadian Studies, so that’s what I will be doing beginning in September.

I’m also doing some summer school – 3 weeks of courses in Digital Editing; the first of which is in Victoria BC. The other 2 are back at Trent.

Have been continuing to blog regularly (just not here, obviously) ….   I do book reviews and other topics related to reading & fiction at Flitting on Fiction, and blather on about my experiences as a nontraditional student at Back to School for Grownups. Hope to see you there!



I am so very, very tired of feeling like crap 😦

It seemed like I was on the mend… but right now, I have SUCH a headache…. probably mostly because I was far too busy coughing up my lungs all night to actually get much sleep.


I DO NOT HAVE TIME to be foggy and unable to think straight.

It needs to STOP RIGHT NOW!


Done 2 of 3 classes for today – got research group this evening… discussing annotated bibliographies we each had to prepare re: our research projects. Found some really cool resources in the process of putting mine together – but who has got time to actually READ anything that isn’t on the syllabus?

We usually go out to a bar after class – think I’m going to skip it this week. Too much to do to take time for socializing – and besides that, I’m really not much inclined to socialize.

Found out that I need to stay over until Thursday morning this week; that makes me cranky. But I have to meet with a couple of people. Have asked for the earliest possible appointment times cuz


More than enough …

So – now that I’m doing school full time in Peterborough …which is 2.5 hours away from either Midland or Barrie – suddenly I’m in demand to teach this coming semester.

Just turned down another offer of sections of microcomputer apps.

Am doing 3 – but trying to keep it down to just the 3 – to keep schedule managable.

Where were all these job offers when I was desperate for them?

I really think 3 is enough… although truth is that I would be willing to give up my Thursdays if it were for 2 – not 1 – 2 – sections of anything in the English/Communication/Gen Ed departments …  that would be worth driving for. But extra sections of Microcomputer Applications …when they’ve switched to Office 2007 so I’d have to do all the prep again … uh no… English. I wanna teach ENGLISH.

Me Want!

I think I need one of these – a glow in the dark kitty!

Well, not a cat; Ross doesn’t like cats. But surely if they can make a glow in the dark cat, they can make me a glow in the dark dog, don’t you think?

Got this - now I need a glow in the dark critter!

Got this - now I need a glow in the dark critter!

I collect glow in the dark stuff.

I have all sorts of stuff – t-shirts and silly plastic toys and stickers and my toilet seat … now I need a glow in the dark pet.

There you go, kiddies… now you know what to get me for Christmas!

A very good day

Not one but BOTH of my kids had interviews today – and not only that, but both of them had JOBS by the end of their interview.

Tamara’s going to be working at a Subway while she keeps applying to PR jobs.

And Jess starts at a day care on Monday for a trial period. Even better, it is within walking distance. A long walk by my standards – about 45 minutes – but she used to walk quite a bit longer than that when she was going to school …so it will work for her.

I am SO relieved.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there was more good news too – my camera came back from Kodak’s repair centre. Well, not MY camera – but a replacement one, anyway.

So when Ross & I went to the Art of the Book show in Toronto, I was able to take my own pictures.

Really enjoyed it – I’m glad we went. Stopped at the Market Buffet in Barrie for dinner – ate WAY too much.

Reading Week

Well, it’s reading week – and so far, that is about all I have accomplished – reading. I need to get WRITING!

I have a 20 page psychology paper due by the end of this month. Plus a musical and 3 more major papers all due by Dec. 6 which sounds like it is a very long way away but with the speed that this semester is flying by just isn’t enough time. If that was ALL we had to do that would be one thing – but every class requires weekly readings, presentations, shorter papers, etc, etc.

I am barely keeping up with that day to day stuff right now – if I don’t get a jump on all of it, there’s no way I’ll manage to get everything done by December 6 – at least not well enough to suit me!

So – the plan is to get the psych paper DONE and emailed to the prof so that I don’t have to think about it any more, and to get all of the reading and papers done for the next 2 weeks, and to do as much of the prep work as I can done re: the major papers and the musical (it is well underway, actually, although sans music).

Tomorrow I have to go to Peterborough for the last bit of our TA training – I wouldn’t bother but I need a few more hours to have enough time in to get the certificate for it. And will probably hit Oshawa and deal with kids’ computer issues, briefly. Really not liking my kids much right now; I am so tired of the hysterical phone calls and ongoing stress that they seem determined to cause me. They are both supposedly grown up – but sure can’t tell it by me right now.

I am hoping that they will soon both get jobs – which will reduce their stress AND MINE – and mean that they are both out working rather than at home together fighting. I can dream, can’t  I?

Also, Ross & I are likely going to go to Toronto to see the Art of the Book ’08 show at the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery. I can use that for one of the assignments I need to do for my Public Texts course – and it looks interesting, even though now that I’ve looked at all the thumbnails online, I hardly feel the need to actually GO to it. But it will be good for Ross & I to take some time to go DO something together. 

We did go out yesterday for a bit; to the courthouse in Orillia to ask to have his ticket reduced. That was so stupid! Not the trip to the courthouse – that was very worthwhile – but the ticket itself. In previous years, when the kids were up here more often, we bought their fishing licenses. This year, they were hardly here at all and we just never thought about it. So Thanksgiving Day, we had some time to kill and Ross offered to take the girls fishing out in the boat, just in front of the house. Never even crossed his – or my – mind that they didn’t have licenses this year.

Thanksgiving Day on Georgian Bay Chatting with the OPP

Thanksgiving Day on Georgian Bay Chatting with the OPP

Sure enough, they got caught. Didn’t even get a nibble before the OPP boat was making a beeline for them. Much lecturing and bull**** – and they gave Ross a ticket for having 3 lines in the water (i.e. his own and the 2 girls’). Cheaper than giving each of the kids one – but still …$180 ain’t cheap! The girls got an order to buy their licenses and fax them to the court office, which we did – but the cop also told Ross that once that was done, he could go into the courthouse and plead guilty with explanation and ask to have the fine reduced.

So we did – and the very nice Justice of the Peace accepted “stupidity” as a valid defense and wiped the fine out. So all we ended up paying was the $40 for the useless fishing licenses (they’re only good til the end of ’08). And for the gas and lunch, of course 🙂  But that wasn’t much, since both of us are sick and food doesn’t taste good anyway, so we just went to Harveys.

Well, time I was getting back to work on this essay, I suppose! Lots to say … just having trouble focussing enough to actually WRITE it!

One More Day

A relatively easy day today – meeting with a prof at 10 to get feedback/help with my Plan of Study re: the second scholarship I’m applying for. Then will come back to the motel and do all of the online ~stuff~ for the application: filling out past job experiences and so on. Also, I need to call them to get my name changed there so that when the paperwork from Trent actually gets submitted, the names will match.

Later this afternoon I will go to the kid’s graduation in Oshawa – hopefully by then, whatever the 2 girls were fighting about this time will have sorted itself out. Or not. But I really am on overload. I’m sick and have way too much of my own stress to expend all sorts of energy on their constant dramas. They are supposed to be ALL GROWED UP for God’s sake. I just do not have any more – time, energy or resources – to give them right now.

Was supposed to go to an extra 2 day workshop re: proposal writing next week (Reading Week) but have lost so much time due to illness this week – and still not better – that I’m going to email my regrets today. (There, that’s done). Will still have to come back on the Wednesday for the TA workshop (so that I meet the # of training  hours required for a certificate) …. but will have the entire rest of the week to focus on readings, papers, my cruise ship screenplay, etc. If I don’t get a jump on the work that needs doing there is no way that I will be able to keep up with the day to day work & readings AND come up with 4 good major papers and a screenplay by December 6. Just no way.

One more day … then I can go home (after TA meeting tomorrow morning) and stay there until Wednesday.

It is pretty sad when just the fact that I managed to wash my hair and get dressed feels like such a huge accomplishment. Now if only I had enough oxygen/energy left to BRUSH my hair and drive to my meeting. Running out of time 😦

Too weird

Just got to my motel for another week of studiousness… yee haw.

That’s not the weird part though. The weird part is that the motel owners – who have gone above and beyond to keep me happy, including, even, doing major upgrades of their Internet (complete with antenna/repeater on the roof of my room)…. have decided that I am ~special~

Actually, the fact that I even have a room is weird – it’s a motel … I fully expect that I might be assigned a different room at some point … and this is a non-smoking room and I am not a non-smoker … so now that there IS Internet further down the way, I could be in a smoking room. But no, this is the best room (the bathtub works) and it is my room.

So much so that whoever has been using it is going to return to the motel at some point to find that all of his stuff has been packed up and moved for him …. some Mondays I go to visit my kids after class so don’t get here until late afternoon … but since I didn’t do that, they hadn’t got him moved before I got here.

I did tell them that I didn’t mind if they wanted to leave whoever was here and I could take the other room but – now we’re getting to the weird part – apparently, that would break the lucky streak and his wife, who is the superstitious one, would be upset with him. I wonder if the ~special~ orange towel is part of the whole ‘lucky’ thing…she insists on bringing it – usually about an hour after I arrive. I never USE it…but she always brings it.

Apparently it has been decided that I am the source of all of the increased business with which they have ‘been blessed’ since I got here…. every room was filled last night – that never happens on a Sunday night and it is all because I am happy with my room and come every week. Honestly, the guy looked so crestfallen when I told him that next week I would  not come until Tuesday (because  of Thanksgiving) …I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the week after that is reading week and I won’t be here at all!

Geez…. I thought the fact that they spent so much money upgrading their Internet was pressure… now I have to worry about their luck too?

Getting organized

I am actually making progress!

Found a huge binder to use for my readings… so that when I photocopy or print stuff, I have a place to put it so that I will be able to find it again.

Of course, the damn thing is about full and there is still tons more to add to it… but if need be, will get another and split it into 2 … for now, it will do.

In addition to putting everything in alphabetical order, I am adding tabs to each document that give the author name and the date/course it’s for…

A lot of the stuff I need to photocopy is in folders in the grad office at school – I keep getting caught without the reading I need when I read it…so now, I figure I can spend an hour or two at the photocopier tomorrow…copy everything I haven’t yet done, label it and put it in the right section… and then each week it will simply be a matter of pulling out the readings for that week and putting those into the specific course binder.

Would rather spend a couple of hours getting it all sorted and having it all organized than continuing to be so stressed looking for things I KNOW I copied already but can’t *^%&%$& FIND! when I need them. At least that is the plan.

And at the end of it all I’ll have a resource that I can use again, right?

For the Law & Moral Regulation readings, I figure I will print out my notes and file them with the article… should make it easier to use them if I need them later.

Just got to stay on top of it all and it should work.

I hope!

Making Progress

Found my motel key… this is good. Really should put a clippy thing on my keychain so that I can just clip it on when I find it. Also managed to get my camera mailed off to be repaired this week. Also good.

Just finished one of the 2 papers I need to finish today; both due tomorrow. Spent WAY too long on the one for Law & Moral Regulation – it’s only 3 pages…  finding this weekly paper to be a HUGE pain in my arse…. I have become quite skilled at sitting down and writing a damn paper – sometimes all in one sitting even … but a key component of that is that I have to have think time before I get to that point.

With my bigger papers – that it does often look like I do in a day or two … there is a whole lot of prepatory work that happens … I decide on a topic… read a bunch of stuff related to my topic….do some mind mapping in Inspiration until I come up with a basic outline/thesis … then do nothing… for days…sometimes weeks. Nothing visible, that is… in the meantime the wheels in my brain are turning, and things eventually start to gel. And THEN I sit down and write the damned paper.

This weekly paper thing sucks! During the week I have way too much reading/writing/attending classes/teaching/driving/etc … to do to allow for much in the way of mulling and gelling… basically, I need to be able to sit down, read the 100 + pages of academic journal and write a cohesive 3 page paper. It is a lot harder than it sounds! And it just doesn’t fit with the way I work.

Anyway … done for another week… and the other one that I need to do today is relatively small … it too is only 3 pages or so …but it’s just a write up of last week’s class … a lot easier than trying to do anything cohesive with 100+ pages of text by multiple authors. Will get that done and then, I think, I shall have to go in search of food.

It is pouring rain…this is good … the noisy whiny obnoxious football players have taken shelter somewhere and shut the hell up for the moment.

This is the first week that I have had to deal with noisy, whiny, obnoxious people at the motel where I stay. Can’t say I appreciate their presence much.

I wouldn’t mind the football and the silliness – but there is one guy among them that seems to think that whining – very loudly – like an exagerated Steve Erkhart or something – is funny. “I don’t wanna!!!”  Etc. etc. It is not funny. It is obnoxious. His friends should have made that clear to him long before now.

Well damn…. just flipped through my clipboard looking for my notes re: the class I have to write up…guess what I can’t find! Bluddy hell! Oh well… maybe when I get off my arse to go look for them I will get lucky and also find the missing reading that I need for this afternoon’s class. I KNOW I photocopied it! It has to be somewhere.

Motel man (owner) needs to go make his phone calls somewhere else. He is standing directly outside my door. WHY is he standing directly outside MY door!? He has an office! 

Finally. He’s gone… found notes for paper (but not reading for class…will have to go in early to read that)… can get ‘er done and go get food. I am hungry… do have a carton of soup I could heat up, but the only mug/cup i have with me is a stainless steel travel mug. Don’t think that is meant to go in the microwave. Poor planning!

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