An Update

Geez, time flies when you are having fun!

Also when you’re not.

Since I last updated this blog, I’ve managed to faint while driving, smash my car (and my pretty purple Dell laptop) to bits, and lose my license.

Still managed to get through school though – my full time MA program, plus an additional course through Athabasca U – and teaching 3 sections of relational database as well. None of which I could have done without hubby being SO incredibly supportive.

He drives me to wherever I need to go and does a whole lot of sitting around waiting for me.

I am very lucky.

In other news, I was accepted into Trent’s Phd in Canadian Studies, so that’s what I will be doing beginning in September.

I’m also doing some summer school – 3 weeks of courses in Digital Editing; the first of which is in Victoria BC. The other 2 are back at Trent.

Have been continuing to blog regularly (just not here, obviously) ….   I do book reviews and other topics related to reading & fiction at Flitting on Fiction, and blather on about my experiences as a nontraditional student at Back to School for Grownups. Hope to see you there!


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