I am so very, very tired of feeling like crap 😦

It seemed like I was on the mend… but right now, I have SUCH a headache…. probably mostly because I was far too busy coughing up my lungs all night to actually get much sleep.


I DO NOT HAVE TIME to be foggy and unable to think straight.

It needs to STOP RIGHT NOW!


Done 2 of 3 classes for today – got research group this evening… discussing annotated bibliographies we each had to prepare re: our research projects. Found some really cool resources in the process of putting mine together – but who has got time to actually READ anything that isn’t on the syllabus?

We usually go out to a bar after class – think I’m going to skip it this week. Too much to do to take time for socializing – and besides that, I’m really not much inclined to socialize.

Found out that I need to stay over until Thursday morning this week; that makes me cranky. But I have to meet with a couple of people. Have asked for the earliest possible appointment times cuz




  1. Take care of yourself — I think your body is trying to slow you down a little! Humor it, if you can.

    Crazy though this may sound — every now and then, I can get phlegm/gunk/icky stuff to move out of my body if I just lie down and concentrate on breathing in some kind of liquid light. It only takes about five minutes for this to help at least a little bit, and it’s particularly effective if I do it right after I wake up. It’s also a good thing to do while waiting at red lights, or otherwise stuck in traffic. 🙂

  2. Jane Doe Said:

    you suck. quit whining. no one cares.

  3. Jane Doe Said:

    really. they don’t.

  4. flitting Said:

    Bummer… missed your comments, Jane…guess no one cares about those much either 🙂

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