More than enough …

So – now that I’m doing school full time in Peterborough …which is 2.5 hours away from either Midland or Barrie – suddenly I’m in demand to teach this coming semester.

Just turned down another offer of sections of microcomputer apps.

Am doing 3 – but trying to keep it down to just the 3 – to keep schedule managable.

Where were all these job offers when I was desperate for them?

I really think 3 is enough… although truth is that I would be willing to give up my Thursdays if it were for 2 – not 1 – 2 – sections of anything in the English/Communication/Gen Ed departments …  that would be worth driving for. But extra sections of Microcomputer Applications …when they’ve switched to Office 2007 so I’d have to do all the prep again … uh no… English. I wanna teach ENGLISH.


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