One More Day

A relatively easy day today – meeting with a prof at 10 to get feedback/help with my Plan of Study re: the second scholarship I’m applying for. Then will come back to the motel and do all of the online ~stuff~ for the application: filling out past job experiences and so on. Also, I need to call them to get my name changed there so that when the paperwork from Trent actually gets submitted, the names will match.

Later this afternoon I will go to the kid’s graduation in Oshawa – hopefully by then, whatever the 2 girls were fighting about this time will have sorted itself out. Or not. But I really am on overload. I’m sick and have way too much of my own stress to expend all sorts of energy on their constant dramas. They are supposed to be ALL GROWED UP for God’s sake. I just do not have any more – time, energy or resources – to give them right now.

Was supposed to go to an extra 2 day workshop re: proposal writing next week (Reading Week) but have lost so much time due to illness this week – and still not better – that I’m going to email my regrets today. (There, that’s done). Will still have to come back on the Wednesday for the TA workshop (so that I meet the # of training  hours required for a certificate) …. but will have the entire rest of the week to focus on readings, papers, my cruise ship screenplay, etc. If I don’t get a jump on the work that needs doing there is no way that I will be able to keep up with the day to day work & readings AND come up with 4 good major papers and a screenplay by December 6. Just no way.

One more day … then I can go home (after TA meeting tomorrow morning) and stay there until Wednesday.

It is pretty sad when just the fact that I managed to wash my hair and get dressed feels like such a huge accomplishment. Now if only I had enough oxygen/energy left to BRUSH my hair and drive to my meeting. Running out of time 😦



  1. I don’t think siblings ever really do grow up … my mom and her sisters are still fighting about stuff, and they’re all over 60.

  2. flitting Said:

    oh, thanks bunches for THAT!

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