Getting organized

I am actually making progress!

Found a huge binder to use for my readings… so that when I photocopy or print stuff, I have a place to put it so that I will be able to find it again.

Of course, the damn thing is about full and there is still tons more to add to it… but if need be, will get another and split it into 2 … for now, it will do.

In addition to putting everything in alphabetical order, I am adding tabs to each document that give the author name and the date/course it’s for…

A lot of the stuff I need to photocopy is in folders in the grad office at school – I keep getting caught without the reading I need when I read it…so now, I figure I can spend an hour or two at the photocopier tomorrow…copy everything I haven’t yet done, label it and put it in the right section… and then each week it will simply be a matter of pulling out the readings for that week and putting those into the specific course binder.

Would rather spend a couple of hours getting it all sorted and having it all organized than continuing to be so stressed looking for things I KNOW I copied already but can’t *^%&%$& FIND! when I need them. At least that is the plan.

And at the end of it all I’ll have a resource that I can use again, right?

For the Law & Moral Regulation readings, I figure I will print out my notes and file them with the article… should make it easier to use them if I need them later.

Just got to stay on top of it all and it should work.

I hope!


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