flitting again

Working on psychology paper today… or not, as you can no doubt tell.

Actually, I am making some progress on it…but I’m distracted.

There are so many things I HAVE to get done this weekend:

  • readings for classes (about 600 pages worth for five classes – yes, that is only one week’s worth)
  • papers/proposals – two for Textual Transmissions, one for fiction/nonfiction, one for Law & Moral Regulation in Neoliberal times (although two would be better)
  • package my camera for mailing back to Kodak for repair
  • get letter for Nor-Don finished, printed and ready for mailing to multiple recipients (that I still need to research/find)
  • finish SSHRC application (OGS is basically done – do need to print it and throw it in an envelope to drop into the Graduate Studies office though)
  • laundry and other assorted organizing and being ready to go back to school on Monday jobs… this week is likely to SUCK…can’t forget anything cuz I can’t come home on Thursday 😦 Got a field trip to a synagogue to look at a scroll. *sigh*  Field trip will be interesting …but I really hate being away from Ross for soooooooooooooooooooooooooo long 😦

And so many things I would rather be doing

  • going to Walmart to get Ross’ prescription filled and a new toaster, and me, my juice and a new puzzle that will fit on my puzzle table (I finished my hot air balloons – 2 pieces missing this time … they’re probably under the couch but too lazy to look; the only puzzle I have left is too big for the table so I need a new one)
  • working on Amanda’s story … it’s almost done and I want to finish it
  • finding something to submit to CBC Radio’s literary competition …damn … forgot about that… need to recheck date on that! Hope I haven’t missed it…. nope…November 1. Yay me… now to figure out what to enter and actually DO IT.
  • playing with my new Blackberry Curve and figuring out how to use the GPS and stuff… almost wishing I’d gone with the Palm Centrino though – I liked their datebook/organiser a lot better. The Blackberry one doesn’t seem to have a desktop match .. just uses Outlook or Lotus or whatever. hmmm… maybe I should go look for my Lotus disk…I liked it a lot better than Outlook…that could work… or maybe can find it online for download …
  • blogging and entrecarding… would be doing the entrecard thing for my two Today blogs but it doesn’t seem to be working very well today, and I’m getting frustrated…. it is taking WAY too long for the drop bit of the cards to load… don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s a problem at their end.
  • Gathering …well… had wanted to, anyway … got irked when the gremlins stole my article again …which is why I’m going on here rather than there, of course. *sigh*   Oh well! Gather really just is not the same any more anyway …. aside from some good friends/connections (and far less o’ those than I once thought I had, even), there really isn’t much point to going back there. Alexa seems to think so too … stats are continuing to fall …3 months change: reach -25%; traffic rank – 3076; page views -14% … even with the photo promo! You’d think they’d figure out that they screwed up and fix it, but doesn’t seem like they care. Seems like they’re determined to head the way of the now defunct Boomertowne …too bad; they had a good thing going.

Anyway… Gather depresses me. Time I was getting back to work, I think!


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