Home Again, home again…

I am so happy to be home again…got TONS I am going to tackle this weekend … figure the only way I’m going to survive this semester is to get on top of the workload… just can’t afford to get behind. Not even a little bit.

So …I have a plan.

Psychology paper. NO more procrastinating. Get it DONE. Also book exam for reading week.

Arrange for transcripts to be sent to grad studies office (5 of them. Tomorrow)

Follow up re: scholarship reference letters. Also finish Plans of Study for both, even if they do are fiction for now.

Re: all classes – write one page draft proposal for all major papers/projects. Make appointments with profs to confirm direction. They all think I’m nuts worrying about it already …but the longer I have to mull, research and gel the easier they are to write when I get to them…

Have another look at Canadian Studies PhD website and figure out if that is really an option I want to explore – if so, email SOMEONE to make arrangments to talk to them about it. Explore other options (York U).

Do readings for next week’s classes. Take NOTES.

Finish one more chapter of test questions for pest control database.

That should be enough to keep me busy, I think…. oh yeah… and set up and learn to use my new Blackberry …assuming it is either here, or will get here tomorrow or Friday.


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  1. I went into panic shock just reading your to-do list. I don’t know how you do it!

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