Another week

So …made it through another week of grad school + driving way too damn much.

Came home Wednesday night after class – mostly because it was Ross’ birthday…but also so that I could go see profs at LU … need reference letters re: the scholarships I’m applying for… so met with one, then went out for lunch with Jane; the other prof that writes my letters.

Still pretty much set on staying at the motel rather than renting a place, although I kinda have been exploring options – I really don’t want to spend money I don’t have to on a place that has all kinds of stOOpid rules. They all say no pets and no smoking – both of which are allowable at the motel – and they all cost too much by the time you start putting in a phone, Internet, etc. I had another response to my posting re: what I wanted – but this one is 45 minutes from Peterborough, way too expensive and the guy apparently can’t comprehend relatively simple English anyway… i.e. I’m not there over the weekend – back Monday … he wrote back that he could show it to me any time this weekend. Uh no … not driving 5+ hours yet again!

If I was spending more time there, perhaps I would be inclined…but I’m really not – and it seems that I will be there even less next semester. I will only need to be there on Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to Wednesday at 9 p.m. – and then that blasted Friday a.m. meeting, of course.

If I do teach at Georgian – hoping to have 2 sections on Monday and 1 on Tuesday a.m. … then if they REALLY want me to do 4 (as planned at this point), if they could stick the other in Friday afternoon. Or could do 2 on Thursdays, I suppose – although I’d rather not. Anyway, I would basically only need the motel Tuesday night, if the weather’s good enough to come home for Thursday and go back Friday a.m. Or Tuesday – Thursday if it’s not. Motel is $40/night … so it really is a lot cheaper than renting and furnishing a place. The only real problem with it is that Ross doesn’t like the beds there at all…. but if I’m only gone 1/2 days a week…we could keep going on as we are… It just doesn’t seem worth the money.

I have been industrious already today – got 2 things that have been hanging dealt with – my palm and my camera. I broke both in the same week … my bad! Actually, the camera was already messed up anyway … it just went from being messed up in a way I could deal with to kaput. Anyway … too expensive to send the Palm for (non-warranty) repairs… just not worth it…so we decided to see about upgrading my phone to either a Palm or a Blackberry.

Took me awhile to get to it, but this week I was SO stressed out about everything that I needed to keep track of … was motivation to get (re)organized. I know I can do a lot of it on the laptop – and I have been …but I really miss my PDA for quick notes and the calendar and todo lists…and my phone sucks bad. Anyway … called today and even though I haven’t had the phone long enough to be eligible for an equipment upgrade, they allowed me to do it… (no surprise there – locked in for another 3 years, now with a data plan as well) … so my red Blackberry Curve is on its way.

And I had been totally frustrated with the Kodak tech support people and the demand that I find the receipt to have my camera covered under its warranty … but today I did the online troubleshooter thingie and then called the number provided AFTER you do the paperwork and jump through their hoops and got a much more reasonable support person; they’re going to fix it under warranty without the receipt. Well, as long as they don’t decide that the problem is as a result of being dropped or something… which it wasn’t… so hopefully….

So …at least I have accomplished something! Now if I could just get my scholarship Plans of Study finished, my research update done, the paper written for Law & Moral Regs, another for my Public Texts course, and still the psychology paper (that’s a big 20 pages +), the seminar stuff that I need to prepare for Textual Transmissions, and about a million pages of reading… oh yeah, and listen to about an hour of audio recordings and muck about with my class groups some more and…and…. and…. is it any wonder I’m on overload?

Ross & I are going out shopping and for lunch… and then I shall come home and try to get back at it… if I can knock back some of the smaller stuff, perhaps it won’t all feel so damned overwhelming.

It is WAY too early in the semester for it to be so overwhelming… I haven’t even started on any of the major projects that are all going to be due by the end of the semester. ACK!


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  1. No acking. You thought you were overwhelmed before you came here, too, and you managed. I have complete faith in your abilities.

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