flitting home

Wednesdays are my longest days at school. I have a class from 9 – 11, another from 2-4, and then a lecture and 2 seminar groups to TA from 6 – 9.

And then I get to get into my car and drive home!!!

Last week I didn’t – I stayed over at the motel.. mostly because I was just too tired out to even think about the drive. But this week, I’m feeling less exhausted on the whole and I want to go home and sleep in my own bed.

So I shall try to time my coffee so that I have enough alertness to make the drive without overdoing it so that I won’t be able to sleep by the time I get there. Always a bit of a trick …and I have often miscalculated… but that’s okay … as long as I get HOME, I’m happy …even if I get home wired and unable to sleep.

I have to come back Friday morning – so it’s almost not worth it… but only almost. Winter, I’m afraid, will tip the balance into ‘better stay put’ …but we’ll deal with that.

I looked at an apartment yesterday – am really ambivilant about it. I like the house, the price is reasonable, and I could bring the dog. BUT – it’s on 2 levels – and the stairs between are SO narrow and SO steep that they scare me. I’m a bit nervous on stairs anyway – after the car, they are the next worse place to fall-down-go-boom … and I am always conscious that my timing for that is not always the best. And Ross likes his beer on occasion – I can’t imagine anyone successfully navigating those stairs with any alcohol on board at all, really!

School is going okay – I think – I feel a bit frustrated by all the reading. I mean, I can read it all – and I do …but there is just so much of it to cram into my brain that I feel as though I’m retaining such a small percentage of it that there’s hardly any point. And of course, there’s the issue of 5+ hours of required reading for a 2 hour class – in which only very small bits get discussed due to the time constraints.

There was one article this week that I found really difficult. Tried to read it onscreen and it just wasn’t making any sense to me… so I printed it and went through it again – and again, line by line. I worked terribly hard at it – and then it wasn’t even talked about! If I hadn’t read it thoroughly, probably would have been the one they focussed on!

Oh well… hopefully I will get better at retention of this stuff…only one of my courses has an exam (and that’s oral ACK!!!) …. so presumably I’m not expected to be able to retain all of it..but it is rather frustrating.

Oops! Going to be late again if I don’t get moving. Last week it didn’t matter as the prof was late – but I’m unlikely to be that lucky again. Got to pack the car and check out before I go…and definitely leave time to stop for coffee. NOT at a McDonalds!


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