Not ~Quite~ getting it

So …I drove 2.5 hours this morning…didn’t stop along the way although I DO know better… so by the time I got to Peterborough, I was motivated (and then some) to stop at the first available restaurant where I could expect to find a washroom and a coffee refill.

McDonalds has coffee… and bathrooms … and just happens to be on the right side of the road … so I stopped there.

Won’t be doing that again! They obviously do not get the whole green thing! Lots of recycling bins and stuff….I am sure they are making an effort to appear to be doing the green thing. But!

I travel with a travel mug (or two) …. I do not see the point of using paper cups when a travel mug is so darned easy. So I ask the young man if he can fill a travel mug for me.

Sure, no problem. He charges me for a large; I pay.

And then he turns around and starts to pour coffee into a paper cup.

I commented that that rather defeated the purpose of a travel mug. He shrugged and said that he had to do it that way.

And then the manager came over and insisted that one cup was not sufficient!!! He made  him doublecup it for the long journey from the counter to – well – um – the counter. Even though the young man pointed out that he was pouring it into a travel mug. Even though I had already expressed my preference that they not waste paper.

Young man shrugs and does what he was told – pours the doublecupped coffee into my travel mug, and tosses the 2 cups into a garbage can. Garbage – not recycling.

Won’t be doing that again!


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  1. Tamara Said:

    lmao…i think the reasoning for double cupping for the oh so long journey of what? 2 feet? is that because they use recycled materials it’s all fine and dandy…

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