I really should NOT have had a nap earlier today… now it’s past bedtime and I’m still up… finished first draft of paper for my class in Law & Moral Regulation in NeoLiberal Times though. Have to write a three page paper re: the assigned readings each week. Ideally I will get a week ahead of that one, but until I get my psychology paper done, that isn’t likely to happen.

SO much reading and writing to keep on top of this semester – next semester won’t be as heavy though, thank goodness. IF I can work my schedule out with GC, I should be able to manage teaching there on top of my course work. I think. Hope.

We’ll see.

Might run myself into the ground before then, trying to manage 3 courses on top of everything else! Wouldn’t be so bad but I lose a lot of time driving… this week was 2 trips to Peterborough and back … might just stay over next week, although of course, that costs extra for the motel too.

Other than school, and an evening at Rama – we went to a concert (Bachman and Cummings) – but didn’t hit the slots or anything at all – not much new and exciting this week. It’s basically all just school, homework, and more school.

Ross is still working, although it was supposed to be winding down by now… sounds like he will continue to work a day or two /week through most of the winter too … will see what happens with that.

Kids are both okay, although not yet employed… that makes me very sad 😦

Scrooge is not thrilled with life these days – he has become increasingly neurotic and hates, HATES, HATES!!! to be left alone at home at all. Every time I walk near the door he gets there first…. if I’m going, he thinks he should go too. Even when I stay home, any time Ross leaves, he whines at length. Poor puppy! I feel bad…but he’s got to stay home alone sometimes!

I should go to bed.

Or read some more of Eminent Victorians. I’m into the last section of it, thank God! Got to do a seminar on it on Monday morning…really need to wade through it. Done my research, got lots of notes and ideas (which I will pull together into some semblance of organization tomorrow) …but wading through the book… yuck! I did like the section on Florence Nightingale…but the other three just suck. Who the hell cares about those people? Not I! I really, really don’t.

Have to do two seminars in this class… seems rather overkill to me…. my second won’t be until November though. Still, less work than the 3 page paper every week for Law & Moral Regs… speaking of overkill!


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