So Tired…

made it through first week of classes… got STACKS of articles to read and things to do … I SO need to get that psych paper out of the way.

Draft this weekend, then will let it sit and give it another edit next week… that’s the plan anyway.

Been really frustrated by lousy internet  … lousy internet EVERYWHERE, really … the motel system is pretty lame… supposedly that will be fixed tomorrow.

The wireless at the campus I’m at for most o f my classes also messed up …sometimes works ok in the caf there… but only sometimes…and nothing at all in offices/classroom … that irks me.

Especially irked cuz the computers in the grad office don’t allow us to log on … apparently someone needs to do something to make that happen and it hasn’t happened yet.

Fun. SO much that needs downloading to read…  and can’t download squat most of the time… oh, and no printer cable, either…so that was another annoyance.

Would have gone home after last class tonight but soooooooooooooo flipping tired, it wouldn’t have been safe to drive… will go in the morning… then Ross & I are goingto see Randy Bachman @ Casino Rama tomorrow night (his early birthday present) …. 

Afterwards, we’ll come back here so that I don’t have to get up so darn early to make it to my TA meeting Friday morning…

TA thing went ok, today, I think… only 4 showed up for second session though …. should have been 8 according to my list…  don’t know what was up with that.

Anyway … think it’s past my bedtime….soooooooooooooooo tired…. got a chill but I think tis the exhaustion rather than really being cold.

I SO should have done that psych paper while I had time! Kicking myself now!


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  1. imko 0o tf yo p87n7i7i 8 o.,lgvbk,k,vbhl ,tg,lr.,t,.f.

    See, Roxanna’s not worried. Get some rest, see how the upgraded internet goes and I think things will not seem so overwhelming.

    After all, you are a star!

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