End of Training

K…. first week is over… I must be all ready and good to go now, right? 

I wish. I do believe that there are a few gaps in my knowledge yet.

Silly little things, mostly – we have not been told our office info or phone numbers yet… and even once I have that, would be kind of nice to have some sort of basic orientation to the phone system. Phone systems are not among my favourite things.

If I should happen to be ill or snowed in on a teaching day – who do I call? Beats me! Not that I plan to miss any teaching days …but sh*t happens, y’know. Would be nice to have a clue.

Other than those sorts of neurotic things to worry about though, the first week of school/TA Training went reasonably well.

Got my classes sorted out – mostly.

Just heard from the prof of the one non-English department course I’m taking… I had been concerned that I had not heard anything re: booklists/summer reading, etc….apparently none required, so that’s good. I also tracked down the room number for that one… took a few more emails than I would have liked, but oh well…

The normal thing to do – since we only need 4 half semester courses over the 8 months, is to take 2 classes each semester.

Me, I have never been normal 🙂

I want to teach in Barrie next semester – so needing to keep some time blocks clear. By front loading and doing 3 this semester, I was able to clear both Mondays and Thursdays. Also have Friday clear except for a 1 hour TA meeting every morning. THAT is a royal pain in my arse…  5 extra hours of driving a week – or 2 extra nights staying over – for that one hour meeting – just doesn’t seem reasonable.

Will try to smile and be a big girl about it for this semester… but SO not happy about it. Hopefully they will turn out to be more useful than they seem to be so far (based, admittedly, on first impressions only).

I really do hate to have my time wasted though. A LOT.

Classes start next week…so not TOO much in the way of homework this weekend… just a 20 page paper for psychology that I still haven’t got done… a couple of statements of intent for scholarship applications (very important; those scholarships are worth a LOT of $$)…  and had a syllabus to do – that I finished already.

Minor details.



  1. muffinsprettymom Said:

    See, told you it would be OK. And now fibbing. There’s a good bit of time left on that paper. You’ll get it all done.

    But I bet it’s not going to be easy.

    Would you really want it to be?

  2. muffinsprettymom Said:

    Should have been “And NO fibbing: there’s a good bit of time left on that paper.”

  3. flitting Said:

    I know there is… that is part of the problem…. I work better under pressure!

    and if I don’t get the damn thing done, going to end up with lots of that …. as my courses get going, I expect I shall have a whole lot more reading/research/writing to do …

    would have been good to get it out of the way first… but oh well… will get there

    going to book my exam for reading week mid-October… paper has to be in before I can write exam… having exam booked will increase the pressure/motivation to get it done

  4. This blog hates me and keeps deleting my comments or losing them after I hit submit, or something. Yikes!

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