My horoscope is lying to me today!

It says:

Although today may be a day of rest and relaxation, you can still gain respect in the eyes of your friends and family. You seem to be able to do the right thing, thereby elevating your status in your community. You are happy to enjoy the company of others, but you have serious goals on your mind and should pay attention to any interactions that could move you closer to your destination.

Rest and relaxation HA!!!!   I wish.

Am being frustrated by one thing after another today… I guess that’s why it included the key word MAY.

Been trying to update my Palm Lifedrive as I figure since I have it, t’would be a good thing to use to at least try to start off with some semblance of organization.

Downloaded software from the Palm site for my new laptop – but realized that the software from there was incomplete – only gives me the Desktop application – NOT the LifeDrive Manager app.

Without that, can’t move files back and forth – so can’t use Word/Excel files… well, I could.. but if I can’t sync them between the computer and the LifeDrive, what good are they?

So – spent way too long looking for that software to download – preferable to looking for the installation disk that is around here ‘somewhere’.

No luck … eventually gave up in frustration and went hunting for the disk – found everything else that came with the Palm in an organized stack all in one file folder in my desk – including a number of disks, even – but not the main one. Of course not.

Went through stacks and stacks of disks on spindles – eventually did find the original disk.

Should be smooth sailing, now, right?

Yeah.. .right.

Tried to install it. 4x now.

Errors, errors and more errors.

We are NOT amused!

School starts tomorrow.

Will need to get photo taken for my new Trent student card – sure hope not right away …got a huge ugly cold sore … stress, perhaps?

Who me? Stressed? Nah… never happen!



  1. muffinsprettymom Said:

    Breathe, flit. It will all be OK.

  2. I always just hire someone to figure that kind of thing out for me. Sure, it’s expensive, but so is my sanity. 🙂

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