Changes are coming to Gather

…. and the remainder of the title of that particular article is  – Changes You Asked For

Wanna bet?

I’m pretty sure that I was pretty clear about the Changes I Asked For – and these ain’t them. From the article I linked there:

Keep your Twister game – and/or your Beachball – for new and not yet signed in members. But could we please, please, please, have a real home page back? Pretty please?

And how about on your Explore pages – Posts, Photos & Videos – just add a By My Connections option…. we’ve got Most Viewed, Most Discussed, Highest Rated & Recent – would it kill you to add For Me in there? We know you have the technology.

Come on – what would it hurt? Why are you so intent on forcing us to either go through the feed – which many of us DETEST and which DOES NOT WORK properly – or wade through every post by everybody whether we’re connected to them or not?

Connections are the most important thing on Gather – why, why, why have you decided to undermine the single most important thing that makes Gather special? It makes no sense! Seriously. Come on … please? With sprinkles and a cherry on top?

Not one of these things appears to be in the supposed fix.  

I was invited, and accepted the invitation to attend the Preview tomorrow afternoon – but I have already emailed my ~regrets~ …. I can already tell by the screenshots that Pam posted that they are not going to fix the things that drive me nuts about Gather since Hawthorne.

If I want to be frustrated, I can talk to my kids or my husband. If I want to be fed garbage, I can go to McDonalds. If I want to be ignored, I can go to Wal-Mart.  And if I want to be read, I can write here, or on, or on countless other sites.

The only possible reason to EVER show up at Gather any more is to stay in touch with collaboration central members & maybe a (very) few others.

I understand that some people don’t/won’t care enough to bother to visit me elsewhere or to keep in touch by email …  I’ll survive. Might be sad… but it won’t kill me.


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  1. muffinsprettymom Said:

    I’ll visit you. I’m disgusted as hell with that website.

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