flitting on blogging (cross posted from Gather)

It’s Wednesday, my least favourite day of the week, cuz that’s the day the beer truck comes. My back hurts already and I’m not even there yet! Don’t know how much help I’ll be, but I will go anyway. Have to go to the bank and get money too…trying to get motivated to do that, but so far…

And today, also, Mr. P is bring in not one but two messed up computers for me to fix. He called last night and said “do you want 2 computers to fix?”  I said no…but he is bringing them anyway. Some people just don’t listen – I DON’T DO COMPUTER REPAIR ANY MORE!

Updated flitting on fiction again today …. Today.com pays $1/day for your first (100+ word) blogpost … plus extra for traffic you generate, also. Makes it jump to the top of the list when it comes to priorities, anyway! I’m really glad that Stephanie told me about it… it is good motivation for me.
← ← that would be my referral link … just in case anyone is interested. There is an application required – and they’re really looking for niche bloggers, not for “all about me” sort of stuff… but for some of you, it might well be a good opportunity.

I have also signed up for EntreCard, which is a way of generating traffic to your blog… you drop your card on blogs you visit; other people drop cards on yours…. and it all earns credits that can be used to buy ads on other people’s blogs. I’m quite surprised by how quickly I saw a rise in my traffic stats – and in how many people have already signed up to advertise on my blog! – all of which has helped me to earn enough credits that I can ‘afford’ to advertise my own on other blogs.

That’s what I came up with all by my lonesome for my blog ad on EntreCard …. I’m pretty pleased with it. Not bad for being graphically challenged, is it?  (Don’t tell me if it sucks, I don’t want to know!)

Anyway …I don’t expect that I’ll spend much time worrying about Entrecard… but it makes sense to me to click on the Drop thing when I see them 🙂

Kid is doing okay…she and her sister have gone to the zoo… last I heard, my sister was going to drive them there, and Mandy was going with. Glad they’re having fun …but I sure will feel a lot less stressed when both kids get JOBS…. I can’t afford to pay their rent for them…and all the fairy godmothers seem to have gone missing…. neither kid seems nearly as stressed by the whole lack of job thing as I am… or as I’d like them to be, actually …  I guess that’s normal…but it sure is frustrating! 

Jess’ birthday is in a couple of days…will have to find some pictures and do a photoessay for her too, I guess, since I did one for Tamara. Do they ever outgrow the whole you like her better thing?

Haven’t made much progress on my psychology essay… need to DO IT! Would help if I could focus in on a topic. There are SO many areas that I’m interested in that I’m having trouble picking just one. The prof is on vacation for two weeks now – my goal is to have it submitted so that it’s there by the time she gets back.

Getting totally frustrated with the Registrars’ Office at Trent… faxed them my marriage license as requested re: my name change on July 30 – and have called them every 3 days or so since. Every time, they tell me it will “take a few days” and then, of course, it doesn’t happen. It wouldn’t matter as much but for the fact that email addresses are based on your name – and the Graduate Studies office is waiting for me to get mine fixed and IT won’t change it until it’s done in the system.

Just had a thought, actually – sent an email to IT asking if they could just tell me what it WILL be now… at least that way I could quit holding things up at the paper generation stage, even though it wouldn’t work until the Registrar’s Office person actually makes the change.

So annoying!

I’m also still extremely annoyed with NorDon – still haven’t received my income tax refund which they wrongly scooped and are supposed to have sent back. They are SO obnoxious – and incompetent. It is my money – and I want it. And bluddy hell! I just realized that I have yet to respond to the Revenue Canada audit thing, also …. I did print off all the tuition receipts they need – but I don’t think that counts unless & until I mail them. My bad.

 I’m less annoyed – but still, becoming very impatient – with Dell ….I’ve ordered my new purdy purple laptop – and they have this nifty check your order status thing and even though it’s now 2 days past the estimated delivery date, I’ve yet to get a “your order has shipped” email … nor have they changed the nifty check your order status page to give me a new date to look forward to. ME WANT!!!! NOW!!!!

Anyway …I could go on and on ….but this is already past long enough…so I shall quit procrastinating and get on with doing something productive. Or something.


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