So … it is Sunday …and on Sundays, Ross goes to the store and flit gets to stay at home and do whatever flit wants to do with her 4 hours of me time.

In theory!

Was off to a great start…  had breakfast with Ross and then he went off to have a bath so I was able to start on my To Do list even earlier than I’d counted on. HA! Way to lull me into believing I was actually going to have a nice productive afternoon!

He took too long in the tub…. decided he didn’t have time to walk or ride his bike so I should drive him.

Yes, there are 2 vehicles in my driveway, as a matter of fact – the car, plus as of Friday, his company truck…and yes, he is quite capable of driving …but then he would have a vehicle there and wouldn’t get to walk home and that would never do. Whatever… it only takes a few minutes; no big deal.

Except that when we got there there were already people there…and one of them…someone that used to claim to be a friend deserving of breaks on late charges and movie purchases and so on and so on ….  Ross is too nice. Anyway … this guy was there already and he was STEAMED.

Imagine the NERVE of us only being open during the hours posted on the window! He had empties – and he has been by the store 3 times in the last week to drop them off and we weren’t open even ONCE!!!!  And today, we didn’t get there until NOON!!!  

Apparently, the posted hours have no meaning to this ~gentleman~  …he was there early, so we should have been also.

Anyway …. by the time he finished his tantrum and left with his kid (nice outing with Daddy, eh?) … Ross had discovered a lack of cash in the drawer….  to pay people for their empties requires a seemingly endless supply of $5 bills …. so I had to come back and pick up the stash from the drawer where we’d left it, and then go back.

Finally got back home and started working on flitting On Fiction – posted a new article, and also my paper re: Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet … and then the aggravations all started piling up again.

I DO NOT FIX COMPUTERS ANY MORE. Honest! I’m sure you read Bluddy Hell!!!! (Part 1) , right? YOU know that I do not fix the damn things any more.

My past clients, however, remain unconvinced.

One called me on Friday and told me of his woes. I told him that I don’t DO this crap any more.

But….  walked him through the process of trying a System Restore anyway.

It didn’t work – and the computer was dropped off at the store for me yesterday *sigh*

He drove 40 minutes to bring it to me – left it with Sue …. so I ended up bringing it home even though I DO NOT FIX COMPUTERS ANYMORE DAMNIT!

So… the computer was sitting here behind me on the floor but I was not at all motivated to do anything about it … figured I’d leave it until I got motivated…which would, of course, have never happened cuz I DO NOT DO COMPUTER REPAIRS ANY MORE….

but he called and somehow I ended up saying that I would at least look at it this afternoon so I got off my arse and set it all up and then when I went to find the superduper long network cable I need to use to plug it into the Internet because I DO NOT FIX COMPUTERS ANY MORE so I no longer have a workshop all set up with cable already in place, I couldn’t find the darn superduper long network cable.

So I ended up ripping things apart looking for it and becoming increasingly frustrated. Eventually found it out in the garage where Ross had moved the box of computer stuff that I don’t need anymore because I DON’T DO COMPUTER REPAIRS ANY MORE but that I still have….  plugged it in and sure enough the damn thing claimed to have Internet access but nothing worked… gotta hate it when that happens.

So – since I have run into Microsoft’s oh so charming winsock error a time or twenty before, I knew what I needed to download to fix it …. so I came back to MY computer and plugged in my new flash key and started downloading stuff and while I was doing that I typed a big long rant very similar to this big long rant in an article on Gather.



And I KNOW better than to trust that Gather won’t disappear my articles … it does it regularly, especially since the PTB decided that rather than the Articles For Me page that actually WORKED and allowed us to easily get to all of the articles posted by our connections they would give us this bleepety bleep HAWTHORNE monster who would FEED us the articles (sans comment counts) that HAWTHORNE decided we should eat ….  apparently keeping us all FED requires that HAWTHORNE first EAT WHATEVER FRICKEN ARTICLES he wants.

Anyway …I KNOW better ….and I usually do remember to copy my text before I do anything silly like hit the Save As Draft button or add a picture or post the damn things… but I was cranky and distracted by the downloads and I forgot…so of COURSE Hawthorne decided to pick that moment to be hungry and to eat my big long rant. A$$hole that he is.  And yes, I tried the BACK button …don’t know why … it never works when  need it to work.

So – after  I posted an article on Gather – threatening to BITE anyone that mentioned the BACK button thing ….   I went and actually fixed the computer – easy fix… ran winsock error fix and Glary Utilities and called the guy to come get it…

Went to the fridge to get a drink and just had to laugh. Hysterically.

Unfortunately, my camera chose that moment to decide it didn’t have enough juice to take pictures …. if it hadn’t you would have been treated to pictures of my escapees.

When I was at the store the first time earlier today, I’d picked up a container of worms…which Scrooge had stepped on when the flew from the dash where I’d set them onto ‘his’ seat…. had grabbed them…but not checked well enough to make sure the lid was fully closed, I guess. When I opened the refrigerator there were worms EVERYWHERE… in the space between the mesh and my nectarine basket thingie, in 2 of the 3 drawers, on the bottom tray …. damn … now that I think of it, I should probably pull out the bottom drawers and make sure there aren’t any hiding under there… that’s likely where the stray I found crawling across my kitchen floor came from.




I am having SUCH a good day!

Oh, and Mr. P just came for his computer – gave me a $10 tip…and THEN said he wanted me to fix another computer … he forgot to grab it today and “there’s no rush for that one” … he’ll bring it on Wednesday. BLUDDY HELL!!!!



  1. I shouldn’t be laughing, but I am.

  2. flitting Said:

    when I found the worms I was laughing hysterically …so I think you’re allowed

  3. Barbara Said:

    Sounds like what should have been a nice productive day turned into an unproductive nightmare! Though find the worms would probably be the straw that broke the camels back, what do you do at that point? Laugh or cry? I’d probably have to laugh.

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog today! 🙂

  4. gaybopy1234 Said:

    Hi i am currently completing my ICT GCSE coursework, i am looking to use one of your pictures in one of my publications, i would like to emphasize that only myself, my teacher and posibly an examiner will see my coursework and the content will be kept strictly private. I would be very grateful if i could have your permission to use one of your pictures.
    Thank you for your time
    the picture in question is the danger zone picture.

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