How many blogs do you need?

That was the question my darling daughter asked me a little while ago when I suggested that she might like to bookmark my newest blog, flittingOnFiction, which I created on just today.

I told her that I thought that I was done now 🙂 At least for the time being.

Used to be that Gather was enough for me… but then they ICED it…and that seriously irks me.

So this one became my go on about whatever is going on in my life spot … I’m still at Gather… but I no longer feel inclined to be ONLY on Gather… that doesn’t work for me any more. Even if they were to fix everything they’ve broken, the many great people they’ve chased away are unlikely to return. Gather makes me sad.

I’ve tried Helium –  not terribly impressed with them… as Stephanie has discovered, once you post something there they OWN it… no process to EVER remove it again… that doesn’t work for me at all… and I detest their rating system, also ….absolutely detest it. They provide you with the articles they want you to read – in pairs. About topics they choose. ‘Fraid I don’t have the attention span to be reading stuff not of my choosing. Unless it’s on the test – then I will read it… but just because …. ? Uh… no. That is SO not happening. Some of the articles I’ve posted over there seem to be moving up quite nicely ….and I’ve earned a whole .09 cents… but I think that’s enough of that little experiment.

So … this one for general flitting…and ranting….and flittingOnFiction for my academic research ~stuff~ … my intention with that one is to focus on issues relating to the topics I’m researching & working on re: my graduate studies….and I’m hoping the fact that they pay for daily posts over there will help me to make the effort to come up with something to post every day. Can’t hurt, right?



  1. Kim Ripley Said:

    Looks like a decent place to blog. May have to snoop around a little longer!!

  2. Bertram Said:

    Hi, flit. I feel exactly the same way about helium. I don’t like the idea that they own my content. And those articles we had to rate! Ugh. Better to choose the ones we want to see. I have two articles, both of which are rated quite highly, and I made one cent. Wow!

    So far I have just the one blog, but I do have another one ready for whenever I figure out if I have anything to say.

  3. Bertram Said:

    Don’t know why there’s no link to my blog, but you can find me at

  4. lizabob Said:


    thought i would drop by and say hi.


  5. Grems Said:

    Hi, wanted to let you know I was here.

  6. I love it that you’re over here. Easier for me to keep track of you.

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