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I want my refund back!!!!

I want my refund back!!!!

Good: brown envelope from Revenue Canada in the mail today.

Since they owe me almost $1,000 because they sent it to the totally incompetent and lacking in ethics, morals, or intelligence people at Nordon Collections. The totally incompetent people at Nordon know that I owe them NOT ONE BLASTED CENT and that they are REQUIRED to send it back so that it can then be processed again and sent on to me – but hey… if they were totally incompetent at collections – even when I was begging to be ALLOWED to pay them (money I should never have owed and would not have owed had it not been for other incompetents at OSAP)  – why would anyone think they’d be in any hurry to return my money? 

Bad: of course, it was not my cheque. It was a notice that I’ve been pulled for a random audit. Funny, it don’t feel random.

Good: the only deductions I claim are for tuition & educational expenses – so the audit should be fairly easy. Our accountant is away, or I’d have him deal with them – but it should be fairly straightforward, anyway.

Bad: Because I never do things the normal way, it’s not just a matter of pulling one tuition receipt – there are three (Laurentian @ Barrie, Laurentian @ Sudbury, & Athabasca U.) Sue & Ross were giving me a hard time suggesting that I would have trouble going through all my  papers and finding all the receipts.

Good: HA! While that WOULD be true if any of them where paper – they’re all done electronically now…so ain’t no paper required…. got them all in pdfs on my computer. I admittedly SUCK at paper …but I am pretty darn skilled at computers & I have them all. Aren’t I a clever birdie?

Bad: Did I mention that I want my cheque? I do! I do! I do want my money! *POUT*



  1. muffinsprettymom Said:

    So, any news on the new laptop? I’m sorry you’re being audited, but at least it looks like less of a hassle than they tend to be down here.

  2. flitting Said:

    it would be a HUGE hassle if I claimed any additional deductions… but because I don’t it’s pretty straightforward

    just feels like harassment at this point – especially as they’ve yet to give me my bluddy refund!

    I’m thinking a copy of the complaint letter could go back with it LOL

  3. ladybess Said:

    Hey girl,

    Just stopping by.

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