morning flit

So…I’m up already … have a class this morning, sort of – but not really. Most of my students from both sections have already submitted their final work. I only need to go in case any who haven’t are having difficulty with the assignment and show up for help. Unlikely. But if they do, I shall be there, at least for the first bit.

It frustrates me that some students did not bother to even show up for the Access portion of the course – they are students who had earned enough marks to pass in the first sections – so didn’t feel the ‘needed’ to continue attending. I have no control of the marking scheme for the course – that is set out for us, and we have to follow the course outline. Why bother paying for instruction at all if you’re not going to bother showing up and at least attempting to learn what you’re paying for? Makes no sense to me… nor does throwing away 25% of your mark.

Anyway, after I go be available for those who likely will not bother, Tamara & I will run a couple of errands – I need a new motherboard for a customer’s computer (damnit all to hell! It was supposed to be a simple power supply replacement – that was the only reason I said I’d do it) …and then we’re heading to Brampton. Mandy, my niece, plays soccer, and I haven’t yet been to a game this summer – time to change that. Tamara is staying in Brampton – she’s going to clean her sister’s room for her (don’t ask; I stay out of it) and then on Thursday they are going to Wonderland.

I emailed Dr. Oatley yesterday, and received a response which included a copy of the article that the newpaper reporter had used to write that article; that was helpful. Saved me from having to hunt it up at the library – had already looked online and found it there, but an online subscription to read it would have cost me $64. Since New Scientist, while interesting, is not something I particularly want to subscribe to, I was glad of that. I did also find the journal article in my online academic journals and have downloaded and read that, of course… but it was nice to have the interim step, as well. His email also included a link to his blog, OnFiction … lots more reading for me there.

Still haven’t determined a clear topic statement for my psychology paper – the prof for that course seems somewhat less enthusiastic about the potential benefits of fiction than I am – although, since it’s a correspondence course, I’m basing that on just a couple of emails. I think that I’m fussing about it way too much because of those emails… need to just settle on what I want to do and do it!



  1. I have to admit, there were classes where my attendance was abysmal, but only if I had the info I needed elsewhere. For example, in my Fortran 77 class, he’d put the assignment on the board, then spend 2.5 hours telling us each command we’d need to do the programming. I’d note the assignment, look up anything in the book I didn’t know off-hand, and write the program in the first ten minutes of class. Then, I’d look it over (debugging) and when I was happy, I’d get up go to the *gasp* empty computer lab, input the program, run it, print it. and I’d be done. No sweat.

    I never got less than 97% on any program and I got the second highest grade on both tests. I think he gave me a B because it bugged him.

  2. flitting Said:

    I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t show up if they DID THE WORK

    or HAD A CLUE when they did bother to show up

    no patience for people that figure I should reteach the entire topic just for them when they couldn’t bother to come to class though

    Or for those who think they know everything but don’t have a flipping clue. Was ready to scream this morning… only had 5 there… 1 of them was particularly obnoxious

  3. flitting Said:

    I had classes that weren’t worth my time…but I still did the work

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