It’s only for a month…

Whinging Alert

Whinging Alert

And I’m a big girl…really.

I’m perfectly capable of managing on my own. I did it – for years & years before I met Ross.


Less than a month until I start school. In Peterborough, which is a little under 3 hours from here. It really is too far too commute – especially given my schedule – but don’t think I have not considered it! Not for ever – but just for the first month, when Ross won’t be able to come with me. He’s working at least until October 1; possibly a bit longer, depending on the weather, and bugs & bats & other assorted creepy crawlies. 

It is good that he’s working.

And it is good that I have the opportunity to go to grad school.

But it really, really bites that in this case, good + good = bad. Thank God it’s only a month though; it could be so much worse!

And I signed up for my TA training sessions this week and for the first week, I really only need to stay over 1 night… I start Wednesday @ 1 and am done by Thursday @ 3 …so I s’pose I shall have to postpone my whinging and angst a bit 🙂



  1. You’ll be so busy — that month will be over before you know it. You’re lucky to have someone to miss … that’s always the nice flip side of things like this. You wouldn’t miss him if you didn’t have him. 🙂

  2. flitting Said:

    definitely a very good point, david

    thanks for commenting… I’m happy to ‘see’ you 🙂

  3. flitting Said:

    I’ll be home weekends and so on too …. my classes are only Monday – Wednesday … meeting Fridays though, probably … if not, I’ll hardly even be away, really

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