A flitting kind of day

No place I needed to be today …so I parked my butt in front of my computer this morning and have hardly moved since.

So far not that much to show for it – my first article on Helium (what the heck; can’t hurt to try a new site since Gather is SO irking me lately). Oh yeah, and sent off Steph’s draft query letter to my wonderful, helpful & opinionated sister for her input 🙂

Gather PTB broked Gather and flit is cranky!

Gather PTB broked Gather and flit is cranky!

Then I hung out at Tom’s chat on Gather and made a pouty little pest of myself. I SO want to go back to being me – the cranky girl icon is cute – but I’m tired of feeling that she fits so well. I wan’ my Articles for Me back! Right! Now! At a minimum.

Got 2 shipments today – had ordered 2 items from TigerDirect.ca and they sent both in WAY bigger boxes than necessary – 1 by UPS and the other by Purolater. Didn’t charge me any extra for stupidity-shipping, which is good… but still…. makes no sense. I get to keep the flash drive …but unfortunately the other thing is a wedding gift for our friends, Francyne & Rob… I want one too!

My new laptop-to-be

My new laptop-to-be

But I shall quite happily delay getting one for the time being – got to pay off my new laptop first 🙂   Yes, I am very spoiled as a matter of fact. Isn’t it purdy? I don’t have it yet…got my fingers crossed that it will not take as long as the 15 business days Dell says it might. It would very much suck to not have it before the 1st when I leave for Peterborough.

Have started to make some more progress on the novel (the one I’m supposed to be working on, not the new one) … psych paper is a brewing in the background of my brain…  hopefully something will come out of there soon!

The only jaunt anywhere was a quick (& disappointing) jaunt to check the mail – NorDon is not in any hurry to give me my damn money back – during which I heard some woman on CBC Radio say “If I hadn’t decided to be a writer, I think I would have been a journalist.”  Hmmmm….OK, here’s your sign!



  1. Ina Said:

    Peace to you, flitters.

    We’ve been through this kid of thing before. If it’s your turn to leave, you won’t be upset. You’ll just go.

  2. muffinsprettymom Said:

    Sigh. Some writers give the rest a bad name, but isn’t that always the way?

    I’m pretty spoiled, too, since you helped me with my letter 🙂

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