Well, it was a weekend

…. have had better.

Had problems with the boat – it won’t go forward/steer. Ross figured I could just find information about how to fix these things online for him. Which, as usual, led to major frustration and bitchiness. He figures that I should be able to find exactly what he’s looking for every time – and sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. I don’t know nuttin’ about power trims and solenoids and boat motors and truth be told, I’m just as happy not to know.  When I do find stuff and he tries to read over my shoulder, he invariably ends up sniping at me because dammit all to hell we’ve been together 6+ years now and I still haven’t mastered the art of mind reading! I go too fast – or too slow – and I am supposed to know which link he wants to click on when and….  well…  I am pretty clever on the whole, but have never managed to pass Mindreading 101.

Were invited to dinner with his boss & his wife on Sunday – had a very nice time, although again, my mindreading abilities were lacking and I missed his cue that he was ready to leave.

I wonder if Mindreading is a course available through Athabasca U?!

Other than my repeated failures (it was a recurring theme this weekend) I did manage to fit in a bit of my stuff here & there.

Got test bank database made for Ross to practice for his certification exams… now just need to add questions to it.

Did last of psychology quizzes… got 1 of the multiple choice questions wrong !!!! so broke my streak of perfection. Now just need to write a paper and set up final exam for that.

Mucked around with some reworking of the Huronia Pest Control website – waste of time, mostly as a) he really doesn’t want to change it and b) the sitebuilder program he uses doesn’t seem to allow for uploading ones own files, so haven’t yet figured out a way to upload css files. He did give me access to it though, so will go in and add metatags for him for search engines.  Even that is very, very clunky …. can get to html editing only for particular areas of each page…I just want the source for the whole damn page!  I am not fond of WYSIWYG web page editors… particular those that don’t let you into the code. Tis very frustrating for us programmer types.

Went looking at laptops this weekend – plan is to buy a new one for me for school – but we’d hoped to use it as a way to start re-establishing credit in my name, too. Neither Staples nor Dell will allow me to do that though … neither have structures for having a co-signer …. which at the rate Nor-Don does things, I will likely need for the next millenium. They still haven’t sent the letters they promised re: everything being completely cleared, nor have they bothered to return my tax refund to me. I have tried calling and was met with very a snotty “We are allowed to take up to 8 weeks and it hasn’t been 8 weeks yet.”  It was THEIR incompetence that led to the tax return being wrongly scooped – but they’re allowed 8 weeks and as much rudeness as they like to fix it. I hate Nor-Don with a passion!  Which reminds me… should get my letter about them finished and addressed to go to my MP, MPP, OSAP, Revenue Canada and wherever else I can think of to send it.

Anyway … the whole not being able to get the laptop yet was particularly frustrating this morning when I got up, turned on my computer, and nothing happened. Well, not nothing… it powered up just fine… just nothing on the screen. My video card is shot – knew it was going, as I’ve had a number of errors, and the screen has been flickering and rotating through colours and so on … but still. It COULD have waited. Stuck an old POS in for now… will need a new one though, as this one is very slow and I haven’t the patience for waiting for my screen to render every time I scroll down. Would go get one today, but need to talk to she-whose-computer-I-am-supposed-to-be-fixing first about what SHE wants to do with her POS… replaced power supply and still nothing… seems most likely to be the motherboard gone in that one. Hope she wants to throw whole thing out and buy new – I really am not inclined to rebuild the whole thing for her. Really am not inclined to do much in the way of computer repair any more. People still keep wanting me to… but it is SO low on my priorities these days.

Typical flit…once I CAN do something well, I get bored with it and don’t wanna any more.

Speaking of which …I need to get off my butt and head to school to teach. Microcomputer Apps… another total bore to me right now, really – fortunately the next time I teach it will be with Office 2007 and all new textbooks …so will seem like starting new. After today’s class, just have Monday’s and then the semester will be done. Unfortunately, that also means the paycheques will be done … but hey… maybe someday I will get my tax refund! Can always hope.



  1. muffinsprettymom Said:

    If you ever get a handle on a Mindreading 101 class, let me know. I love Lee like nobody’s business, but he just doesn’t speak English the same way I (or anyone else I know) does. Funny how if I misunderstand him, I’m at fault. And, if he misunderstands me, uh, I’m at fault. Better be an on-line course. I hate commuting.

    Good luck finding a computer solution. Looks like your current options are less than optimal.

  2. flitting Said:

    mucked around with my settings and got this one working fine for now… and I still have my (POS) laptop … so I suppose I can wait for the NorDon arseholes to cough up my cash … annoying SOBs though

    thinking I’m going to post the letter online as well as sending it everywhere.

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