Quick Update

Just a quickie…. made some progress on my To Do list today … completed Quiz #4 in Psychology course…1 more to go (and research project and final exam; minor details). Spent some time chatting with my friend Stephanie about my ideas for my MA research project and so on – I don’t think she realizes how much help she is 🙂  Got to hash it out some with Andrea (my sister, for those of you that don’t know) during dinner the other day – and then ‘splaining it to Stephanie helped me to get it even more complete in my head. Haven’t actually written much for/about it yet – but this process of talking about it and explaining it is so important to sorting out where I’m going – so it counts as progress towards my scholarship applications.

Also did some work on my new story – yes, Andrea, I KNOW I’m supposed to finish the other one first but….  will get to that tomorrow honest! Just realized that my laptop is outside on the deck – that is likely not the best place for it! Will have to rectify that before I go to bed – which will be soon.

Did NOT get photo essays/articles re: Leacock Museum done and I really did mean to …computer kept freezing up and frustrating me. Will try again tomorrow.

Did, however, make a whole lot of progress on the Huronia Pest Control site. That is the company that Ross is working for – am so not impressed by their website – and it only shows up on Google if you search for it by name. So I figure someone should fix that – and guess who that someone is?  I didn’t expect to enjoy working on it as much as I have… been a long time since I did anything with web development – and especially css (Cascading Stylesheets). Now I remember why I liked working with those!  If you have a look at the site you will see that it does need some work. Okay – a lot of work. But once I have the stylesheets set for it, shouldn’t be THAT much to make it purdy. It does need rather more rewriting that I anticipated though! A lot more!

Anyway … need to go rescue the laptop and head to bed. Tomorrow another quiz, another page of pests, and another 40 pages or so of Birch Grove 🙂 I’m looking forward to it.



  1. muffinsprettymom Said:

    I enjoyed talking to you about your MA stuff. Any time I can help as a sounding board, don’t hesitate. That’s what friends are for. And you do the same for me.

    And you can tell your sister I’m hounding you on the novel as well (’cause then I can hound you on MY query letter with a clean conscious):).

  2. muffinsprettymom Said:

    That’s conscience. *Sigh*

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