Wednesday @ Video Plus

I’m not at the store yet – but that is the big ~event~ for today, worse luck. It is all Sue’s fault – imagine taking a whole week off and not being here to do the beer truck thing! Poor planning, I say!

Ross was picked up for work @ 7 as usual … shortly afterwards, the skies opened. There was a large thunderstorm; it has eased off now, but is still raining heavily. Perhaps it will continue and he’ll end up being off in time to do the beer truck thing himself. That would work for me.

I have SO many things on my To Do list right now it is ridiculous! How in hell do I end up with so many things even when I am mostly off? I’m only teaching 6 hours a week this semester – well, mostly – this week has an extra day of teaching – a one-day workshop in Advanced Functions & Formulas & Macros in Excel tomorrow. That is actually my favourite of the one-day Office workshops…. I like playing with Advanced Functions & Formulas & Macros in Excel. Do need to do some prep for it though, even though I’ve done it before … I’m not very good at keeping track of the stuff I used last time (more than a year ago) so constantly end up recreating things.

Starting in the Fall, Georgian College is upgrading to MS Office 2007 …so all of the courses I have been teaching will need a complete overhaul, and I shall have to get used to – and good at 2007. I have the software but haven’t yet loaded it on either computer. Should do it on the laptop, I suppose… my desktop is being wonky and annoying, so not going to even go there.

And yes, I do know that I am a geek and fix & build computers and should be dealing with my own … but I don’t want to spend the $$ to upgrade, nor do I have the inclination to reformat it, although I know that I should. One of these days. What I really want to do – sometime soon – is buy a whole new laptop. There really isn’t much wrong with my old laptop – the battery doesn’t work well any more, but I could just replace that, I suppose.  But even then, it would still be old 🙂 I want a new one!

Maybe in February next year… when I will – hopefully – have not only my scholarship & TA income, but also $$ coming in from teaching at Georgian again starting in January. Assuming we can work the schedule out. Or – if John St. should happen to sell at some point (not that it’s listed – but there is interest none-the-less) … if that happened, the line of credit would be wiped out and I could justify spending some of my scholarship $$ on a new laptop, I think.

Anyway …back to my To Do list.

  • I stalled after the third psych quiz – 2 more to do. Plus a research project and book final exam. And then look into doing MA in Psych through Athabasca also.
  • Losted the envelope of info and forms to be filled out from Trent. Find it. Oh yeah, and call Registrar’s Office and get name change done! Oh and also need to do name change for drivers’ licence and OHIP now that official paperwork is here.
  • Finish Ross’ pest control test bank (in Access) & also redo website for Huronia Pest Control.
  • Still need to decide on a topic and write proposal for a paper re: Adolescent/Emerging Adult fiction & Eros so that I’ll be ready to submit it re: next year’s Human Condition conference hosted by Laurentian@Barrie. Ideally, should write a draft of the paper this summer too. I think that it would be cool to go back as a presenter (volunteered as a student the last 2 years)
  • Working on a new short story which shows no inclination of wanting to stay short – I think it might end up being a novel. It is really cool. It’s based on 2 of my campers – well, that is where I started – but of course, I’ve run so far with it already that it isn’t them anymore… But I should not be working on it when I have yet to finish my first Birch Centre novel or Back To School for Grownups (collaborating on that one with Jodi). The other problem with the fact that this story is not staying in the short story category very well is that that means that I need to come up with something else for the CBC Literary competition (deadline November 1). So add that to my list as well.  Got bunches of short stories that I could have added – but guidelines state not previously published or read …and most of mine have appeared somewhere – either on TooWrite or Gather, or I’ve read/published them through school stuff. Could do a rewrite of something though, maybe?
  • Oh, and on the topic of publishing – I really do want to get things sent out somewhere. Haven’t added to my collection of rejection letters in almost a year. Never going to get anything published if I don’t send it out anywhere.
  • Oh yeah – and I am feeling very guilty about my Tay Community Magazine gig – need to write a couple of articles for them too. Bad writer. Anyone got any ideas? Thought of maybe doing something about how easy it is to take what we have here in Tay for granted – realized the other day, while driving home from Leacock event, how long its been since I just sat outside in the evening and watched the sunset. Add that to my To Do List too! Both the sunset and the article.
  • And I want to help Steph & Lee get their novel looked at too – working on a rewrite of query letter – hmm… that’s a relatively small chunk I could possibly do today. Before I go to the store, even….
  • Tons of summer reading yet to go …got second shipment of textbooks from Amazon yesterday; haven’t finished reading the first batch yet! Also go a stack waiting to be picked up at Trent – the books for the course I’ll be TA-ing in the fall. Have read most of those already though.
  • Speaking of Trent, I need to go to Peterborough and pick up those books and scout out a good deal on a motel. There is one I’ve communicated with that could work but it is a couple of Km out of town so would have to drive the car into town – would be nice, if possible, to find one that has everything I need (reasonable price, highspeed internet & a fridge) that is on a bus route. Doesn’t seem like there is much parking around Catherine Parr Traill College. There is a bus that runs between the 2 campuses – but at this point, seems like I only need to be up at the main campus on Wednesdays. Will be some running back & forth on Wednesdays – class at CPT for me, TA-ing at the main campus …but the rest of the time looks to be all centred at CPT.
  • I’m also paying full price for cigarettes again, until I get off me arse and make a trip up to Bala. Was hoping Ross would have a job up that way and pick some up for me, but he hasn’t been that way since I asked. Need to quit, really. But in the meantime, need my Sago’s.
  • Need to do some writing re: proposal for Masters Major Research Paper (MRP) and also re: statement of intent re: PhD program. MRP proposal isn’t due until November or December – for Trent – but and PhD apps aren’t due until Jan/Feb 09. BUT scholarship applications re: next year are all due early in October – and they require some vision …I need to be able to tell them where I’m headed so that they will want to give me more money to go there! So … I need to get on them sooner rather than later. I like scholarship money 🙂
  • My office is a DISASTER area – to the point where it’s driving not only Ross crazy …but me, even. Need to get that in order.
  • Got 1 computer on my table to replace power supply (for a customer) – and 2 more customer-computers behind that one. Got Jess’ desktop fixed – still sitting by my kitchen door. Not doing her much good here – need to go down to Brampton to deliver it …and watch the kids play soccer/baseball, also. And Tamara’s desktop also needs to be picked up at some point so that I can fix that.
  • Really should make a trip to see Dad (in Niagara Falls ON) and Grandma Mary (in London ON) before I get busy again. Yes, I do know how ridiculous that last sounds – but truth is, this is my downtime. Come fall, I’ll be carrying full time school again – on top of everything else. And then in Winter semester, will be adding 4 sections of teaching in Barrie (so add 12 hours teaching, plus prep for new program/textbooks & marking, plus commute time)
  • Haven’t been fishing yet this summer! That will not do. The boat is in the water – need to go fishing, or all that work will be wasted. Besides, now that Leacock is over, really do need to make a concerted effort to spend quality time with my husband 🙂 Since he’s home in the evenings now & all 🙂
Heron on my dock yesterday, 29 July 2008. Good reasons to sit outside on the deck and watch the sunset.

Heron on my dock yesterday, 29 July 2008. Good reasons to sit outside on the deck and watch the sunset.



  1. flitting,

    Nice write-up! Whew! You make me tired just reading it, but making a list is a good way to help prioritize what you need to do and when. Then you can get to it. If you can pull it off, hon, I think you owe yourself a new laptop. Here’s hoping you can.

    And that’s a fine picture of your heron. Enjoy a sunset or two!

  2. Tamara Said:

    downtime my ass…do you even know the meaning of the word downtime? if anything it’s just your “slightly less busy than usual time”….lol

  3. flitting Said:

    Ross said just the other night that if I want a new laptop, to just go buy one. But …!

    It should wait until we get the line of credit knocked down some. We’re working on that – got a couple of larger payments to toss that way once some paperwork (at the bank) is done, and once I get my first $5k scholarship cheque.

    It can wait.

  4. sue2 Said:

    Well, if this is where you are posting…I guess I’ll have to start checking this place out again. I haven’t been here in ages. Your list made me want to scream it is so long, and so stressful. You have to get rid of something…this can’t be good for you!

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