Making it Legal

So…I’m getting married… after almost 6 years of living together and him repeatedly saying no way no how…. not ~quite~ sure what changed his mind…  but even though he asked me only yesterday, I think the change dates back somewhat further than that…. as in shortly after the last big blow out we had… which is when he finally seemed to ~get~ that I wasn’t planning to go anywhere (at least not unless he REALLY pushed) … and that he was actually hurting me by refusing to trust me on account of how other people have behaved in the past …

he put my name on his credit card account shortly after that – which was another one of the things he was never ever going to do …

I only have one complaint about this whole thing…. he wants to buy me a new ring – or two.

I LIKE my ring…. the one he gave me several years ago for Christmas ….been wearing it on my ring finger since then…. don’t want to take it off… so I don’t gots no place for new rings…

Suppose I could wear the old one on the other hand to make room for new… but I never have been much for jewellry … don’t know that I can adjust to having rings on both hands.

Suppose people have had worse problems to deal with though 🙂


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